Corporate | 13 February 2018

COMELIT FIRE worldwide

After approximately six months of hard work, it is time for a first analysis and evaluation of Comelit’s fire prevention family of products for the foreign market. A market that, given the nature of the product, is highly bound by national regulations, certifications, and specific system requirements; all necessary and required aspects that testify to how probative yet exciting this challenge is.
Thus, the launch of the FIRE series in the UK, Holland, Spain, Belgium, and Dubai as main priorities, without overlooking the possibilities that could arrive from North Africa and Eastern Europe.
In the meantime Comelit has achieved several milestones, like the availability of its catalogue in English in conjunction with its participation at the 2017 International IFSEC trade show, which stimulated a great deal of interest among Comelit’s clients and in general. Our company has submitted requests for several quality certifications issued by specialized and internationally recognized organizations for a selection of our fire products.
As Stefano Paoli, Export Security Manager for Comelit, emphasises, “We’re also giving continuity to our UK project as we are in the process of selecting individuals who will soon be joining the Comelit team before the year is out.”
No less important is the organisation of technical and commercial meetings for our colleagues at other
branches focused on acquiring knowledge about products and markets in order to be ready for the
official launch which will take place at the start of 2018.
Comelit is doing an excellent job, organised and meticulous, and we’re confident that we will begin
seeing the fruits of our labour soon. “It’s a long way to the top…” (AC/DC).