Corporate | 30 November 2015

Comelit Group SpA’s new image

The constantly-growing company is refreshing its corporate image to reinforce the identity of a brand which is now one of the leaders in the sector.

Passion. Technology. Design“. These three words sum up the formula for success implemented by Comelit Group SpA, an internationally renowned industrial company specialising in the design and creation of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, fire protection and access control systems.
The new payoff, which for some months now has accompanied the Comelit logo, affirms the principles on which the fresh identity of the company is based; a company that has grown significantly in the last five years, not just in terms of numbers and turnover but also in terms of its product range, to become one of the main players in the sector.
“Comelit’s mission is to offer people security,” explains Bruno Pellegrini, Marketing Director. “We currently offer a complete range of products and systems in order to safeguard this precious value, for greater peace of mind. The door entry monitors, which marked the start of company activity in 1956 and are available in a variety of new models with multiple functions, are joined by a wide range of video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems that allow you to constantly keep track of everything happening at home, with the innovative apps also offering this function. This year, the security product line has been completed by the fire protection range, with control panels and smoke detectors for various contexts. Finally there is home automation, which in certain aspects is the very synthesis of our company mission: home automation actually makes it possible to integrate all the devices and systems within a house and manage them according to the user’s desires and requirements, creating exclusive and customised scenarios.”

“The security Comelit wants to guarantee utilises the most modern and advanced technology, is full of elegance and personality and offers the utmost simplicity in terms of management and control, for truly unique products,” states Bruno Pellegrini.

The internationally-recognised, award-winning pairing of technology and design, created by a committed team of experts, has become a type of trademark for the company from Bergamo. “Passionately designing visually stylish and technologically innovative solutions: this is the message we want to convey to our clients and what we wanted to sum up simply and effectively by creating a new payoff,” explains Bruno Pellegrini.

Today Comelit boasts a consolidated turnover of around 80 million Euro, with strong growth (+11.5%) in Italy and overseas (+6%) recorded in the last year. In addition to its Italian headquarters and a far-reaching sales and technical support network across Italy, Comelit now has 12 overseas premises and exports to over 70 countries, covering all the main worldwide markets: Europe, the Far East, the United States and the Middle East.

“Comelit intends to remain rooted in the area in which it was founded but, at the same time, it has a strong international vocation,” says Bruno Pellegrini. “The image we want to portray in Italy and overseas needs to be strong and united. This is achieved not only with excellent products, but also through the creation of communication tools which are coherent with the values inspiring the company’s work. The recent creation of the Comelit Brand Platform is evidence of this: the platform has the important task of translating the values contained within the company mission into practical solutions. We designed this tool to provide detailed clarification on the parameters and graphics standards to be used in all communication materials, so as to positively coordinate each individual marketing act and present a single unified image on a global scale. For unmistakably minimal, modern and elegant Comelit style.