Corporate | 30 May 2022

Comelit has once again received the “Impresa Champion” award for 2022

Comelit is one of the “Champion” companies that were selected by the ItalyPost study centre, in collaboration with the L’Economia section of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. “Champion” businesses are regarded as the best-performing ones in Italy, which have recorded an annual growth rate of at least 3.5% a year, have generated profits of at least 8% a year on average over the last three years , and have invested in developing their company, mostly with their own resources.

On Friday 27 May, from 2.30 pm to 7 pm, in Dalmine, at the head office of Point – Polo per l’innovazione Tecnologica of the province of Bergamo, located in Via Pasubio 5, 24044 – Dalmine (BG), a meeting between the Champion companies of the province took place, during which we received the Impresa Champion 2022 – ItalyPost – L’Economia del Corriere della Sera certificate.

Comelit Group S.p.A. was selected to join a panel of eight speakers at the meeting and was represented by Demetrio Trussardi, Italian Sales Director and Managing Director, who was asked to talk about Comelit’s successful business model: ‘A number of years ago, we realised that the door entry monitor market alone, which is the market we started out in, was not going to sustain our growth,’ he explained. ‘This is why we devised a business model which, over a 10-year period, has made it possible for us to increase the value chain. We have set up six R&D centres so that we can continuously develop our products. We are now also more determined than ever to increasingly focus on our clients, that is, professionals in the electrical industry, by making them the focal point of each of our projects and building a dense support network consisting of 75 salespeople, 10 product specialists, 5 project managers and 70 technical support centres.’ This approach has helped Comelit to get a foothold in several international markets in order to always be “on the podium”, that is, to rank among the top three companies in the industry in that country. Mr Trussardi adds: ‘It is important for us to be able to offer groundbreaking, high-performing products, but maintaining relations with industry professionals is also essential, and we strive to do this at every stage, from plant design to final testing, from stock reordering to on-site training.’

The meeting, which was hosted by a journalist of the “L’Economia” section of Corriere della Sera, was a great opportunity to engage in discussions with non-competing colleagues from other sectors in order to gain insight into their views and experiences and, possibly, build synergies.

‘We are extremely proud of this recognition, since it rewards the efforts made by all our company members,’ says Edoardo Barzasi, CEO of Comelit. ‘ Comelit is one of the Champions, the businesses that support and fuel our country’s economy, generating income and creating jobs. The strategic choices we have made over the years have allowed Comelit to become a solid and highly capitalised company that generates profitability,continuously invests in human resources and in acquiring new skills on an ongoing basis, develops research and innovation,  making our clients the focus of everything we do.’