Prodotto | 20 October 2020


The innovative Comelit product combines technology, robustness, elegance and simplicity at the service of both the installers and the users.

With ULTRA we rewrite the history of video door entry systems: the product marks a new direction, indicating a before and an after in the market for the sector. It is the perfect combination that includes all the efforts we have made to develop a product, which will become a reference point in the market, diversifying us from competitors. The Marketing Manager at Comelit, Bruno Pellegrini has no doubts when he talks about the innovative modular entrance panel ULTRA, which Comelit has just launched in all markets worldwide: “We have developed ULTRA paying particular attention to four aspects – Sergio Nicoli, R&D Manager of the Bergamo-based group, explainsthe easy usage, both for the installer and the end user; the sturdiness and long-lasting resistance of the materials and functions; the elegance, suitable for every installation field thanks to a wide range of options and a 100% Italian design; the quality of the functions, both basic, like audio and video, both new, starting with the touch digital directory, based on a TFT of the highest reliability, a type panel used in the naval and motorcycle fields at present”.

Above all, ULTRA is versatile, perfect for both intimate living environments, such as villas and small apartment buildings, as well as large residential complexes: “It is a modular product line – Nicoli confirms –, complete both in the video entry technology (2-wire and IP systems) and accessory modules, in addition to the aesthetic proposals”. An example? “Just think that we offer three different models for the call button: plastic, metal, where the plastic button is sturdy thanks to the aluminium profile and full metal, made with aluminium, on which the name is stamped thanks to a specific laser technology”.

Ultra in terms of “going beyond”, a philosophy that encourages Comelit to improve itself, surpassing its limits. “It is a tough and at the same time inspiring challenge for all of us – the Marketing Manager Pellegrini intervenes -. Different working teams have worked hard in order to bring to life a product that goes beyond the already seen and done. We have studied the market and listened to the needs, by creating a product, which is super technological and extremely simple to use and install”. The panel makes life easier for the people who choose it, both the professional and the end user: “Totally – the R&D Manager Nicoli continues -. For instance, we have developed a smart mode of installation and you need to press some buttons in sequence, which are linked to an incremental call address. This is a very appreciated simplification during the numerous field tests carried out with the installers. Not to mention the opportunity to program the directories from a smartphone, in a comfortable and easy way through the MyComelit APP for the professionals. With regard to the end user – he continues – among the many innovations, I would mention the easy usage of the digital directory: finding the desired apartment won’t be a problem, since Ultra functions exactly like a smartphone, to which we are all used to”.

I believe that we have developed an unexpected product, which is able to amaze the market in a positive way and to exceed the expectations of our Customers – Pellegrini resumes –. In this regard I would like to spare a thought for all those professionals who have not tried Comelit yet: you should give us and give yourselves the opportunity to do it, by trying Ultra; our sales network is ready to provide information. I would like to remind you that our products are distributed by big electric material companies, in addition to other local distributors, who allow a wide territorial coverage, from which you can find in stock material ready for delivery.”

Ultra wants to be the ambassador of Comelit values: the customer and his needs are at the centre, not only with the product, but also with a pre- and after-sales organization, which is able to offer a positive experience, from the first steps of the purchase process to the end of the installation. In addition to our trade officials, Comelit provides services, like technological assistance and on site.

All in all, I would like to thank all our customers – the Marketing Manager Bruno Pellegrini concludes –, who have demonstrated their trust for many years and who help us to improve ourselves constantly”.


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