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Comelit sustainability

Focusing the company’s corporate strategy on sustainability and all its aspects – economic, social and environmental – is, for Comelit, a distinguishing feature and a commitment expressed through everyday and concrete decisions. Comelit has always been attuned to this mindset and strives to contribute to the wellbeing of its own personnel and of the communities in which it operates, in addition to working to protect the environment while promoting sustainable practices – both within the company and in society as a whole – to guarantee a sustainable future for generations to come.


For these reasons, Comelit has chosen to compile its first Sustainability Report using a collaborative method, which involved the entire Group as well as external industry experts.

“It is a document offering an objective snapshot of the results we have achieved up to this point, but in particular it traces a route towards the new objectives we have set ourselves, within the framework of continuous improvement which is so fundamental to the way we live and work. We are aware that sustainable development is the true challenge of our times, to which we all must rise,” CEO and Chairman, Edoardo Barzasi, explains.


The route was coordinated by the Sustainability Committee, which was assigned the task of defining the strategic guidelines aimed at integrating sustainability into Comelit’s business and directing company operations over the next three years. Drawn up according to Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards) – the most robust and widely used European reporting standards – the Sustainability Report examines and represents the main environmental, social and governance-related aspects and indicators in addition to the characteristics of the business model, highlighting the central role played by people in Comelit’s system of values, which is summed up in the company pledge “With You. Always”.


The actions carried out by the company in terms of human and financial resources to encourage development in its relationships with customers and suppliers, in its management of the issues relating to I.T. security and data management, in the innovation, research and development behind new products and in its customer-focused approach.


For Comelit, focusing its objectives on employees equates to a commitment to provide them with training and ensure their safety as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. An expression of sustainability in a “social” context which also encourages unity with the communities to which Comelit has always dedicated a great deal of thought.


All activities aimed at encouraging the proper use of environmental resources, preventing pollution and managing waste. For example, the increase in the use of renewable energy, the reduction of packaging and the reorganisation of logistics in order to reduce CO2 emissions (a process which has already begun).