Corporate | 30 November 2015

Green Expo Point unveiled at Oriocenter

Comelit Group SpA is among the technological partners of the project, a sustainable lounge/home that is part of the Smart and Green living movement

Monday 22nd June 2015: Green Expo Point was unveiled this morning at the Oriocenter in Orio al Serio (BG). This innovative project is promoted by the GATE (Green Attractivity Territory for Expo) organisation and is the brainchild of architect and designer Massimiliano Mandarini and his studio Marchingenio. The installation, intended to represent a new environmentally sustainable way of building and living, is very much in tune with the themes of Expo 2015.

Many authorities took part in the event: from the Mayors of the 31 municipalities within the mid-lower Seriana Valley area making up the GATE district, to regional councillors Mario Barboni and Jacopo Scandella and Member of Parliament the Hon. Giovanni Sanga, as well as Oriocenter Chairman Giancarlo Bassi, Confartigianato Bergamo Chairman Angelo Carrara and representatives from all companies partnering the initiative, including Comelit Group Spa Chairman, Pier Antonio Brasi.

As stressed by Mandarini, its architect, Green Expo Point is laid out as a lounge/home and is intended as a benchmark for the Expo 2015 themes of quality of life and lifestyle, a place promoting and educating people about environmentally sustainable living, and a shop window for regional excellence and innovative and green production in various sectors: design and architecture, industry, craftsmanship, fashion and luxury goods, locally produced goods and sustainable farming.

The space, measuring a little under 40 square metres and featuring natural, meaningful and ergonomic materials, is situated in the square on the first floor in the most prestigious location with the highest footfall in the shopping centre, where one million visitors pass through every year.

As Oriocenter Chairman Giancarlo Bassi points out, Green Expo Point will act as a theatre for numerous themed events, to publicise green and slow culture through educational programmes aimed at the sustainable development of communities and regions, while promoting local agribusiness.

The module was put together using the very best technology and cutting-edge green products in the field of design and architecture, including home automation systems supplied by Comelit.

With its contribution to Green Expo Point, Comelit is upholding its eco-friendly vocation. “It gives Comelit great satisfaction to have taken part in creating a project such as Green Expo Point which embodies a new concept of green living, guided by the changes in society, where spaces are flexible and multifunctional,” says Demetrio Trussardi, Italian Sales Director for Comelit Group SpA. “The company has always believed in using technology to improve quality of life, and that means increasing the environmental sustainability of buildings while making everyday life easier to manage. Our home automation systems meet these objectives and interface efficiently with video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, fire protection and access control systems, providing an integrated response to the various requirements of day-to-day living.