HORUS, integrated supervision with graphic maps.

Horus is the new solution for integrated security from Comelit.

A supervision platform with graphic maps which allows the integrated management of all security systems: intruder alarm, fire detection, video surveillance and video entry. An eye that sees everything, capable of instantly indicating any kind of emergency in order to reduce the time and cost of any necessary response.
A real revolution in the security industry, it can also be used by operators who do not possess specialist technical skills, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. It is particularly suitable for monitoring the security systems used in large-scale complexes, such as manufacturing sites, supermarkets, large companies, shopping centres and office blocks.

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Simplified management

Monitors every system from a single workstation and shows the up-to-date status of all devices on graphic maps, making it easier for dedicated personnel to carry out their tasks.

Quick and precise event identification

Locates and identifies the cause of the alarm on the maps in real time, allowing personnel to check immediately and significantly optimising the costs and times involved in managing an event.

Easy-to-use and customisable interface

Guarantees maximum usage flexibility, thanks to a highly customisable simple and intuitive interface which can also be used by personnel who do not possess specific technical skills.

Everything in one map


New York, Milan, Singapore. Wherever the buildings using Horus are located, multiple systems can be monitored at once, practically nullifying all distances and guaranteeing constant across-the-board security.


HORUS is unique on the market, because it allows the monitoring of all systems via a single workstation and the viewing of devices within the various interconnected sub-systems on specific graphic maps.

Intruder detection, fire detection, IP video entry and video surveillance: nothing escapes the watchful eye of Horus.

Viewing via the map actually makes it possible to show the devices and alarm sensors managed by the system correctly, and to indicate the location and cause of the emergency in a timely fashion. Integration with the video surveillance system also automatically shows the user the camera closest to the event in progress, to view live video and recordings of the period immediately preceding the event.

All this helps to increase emergency management efficiency and reduce the time and cost of any necessary response.