Corporate | 17 July 2019

A promising partnership: Comelit meets Salto by integrating the door entry functionalities in Salto KS app

Technology is in our day life more and more. Companies like Comelit, offering products with a high technological content, have to renew the way of producing, proposing and selling them.

The direction of the market is clear: a product can no longer be an end in itself, and can no longer be limited to being integrated only into the producer’s systems; a product must be open to third-party integrations.

In this evolution path, Comelit has decided to invest and to create an integration which aims to design products opened to integrations towards the outside world, therefore towards products developed by third parties.

Among the many integration contemplated in the program, one gives the possibility for app developers to easily integrate Comelit Door Entry functionalities into third-party apps.

In this specific context took place the partnership with Salto. Salto is a Spanish company founded in 2001 with the goal to devise a world-class access control system that was simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors with a solution that had to be simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, complete and future-proof.

Comelit and Salto firstly meet in UK thanks to a joint project that kicked off the partnership. The project was formalized at the end of 2018 and a crew from Clay travelled to Italy to discuss all the aspects of the integration.

The concept

In short, the concept is as follows: The owner of a multi-tenant/residential building purchases a Comelit intercom and SALTO lock for the main entrance. The KS service allows a single app approach as Comelit door entry functionalities can be managed directly from the Salto KS app, reducing investment costs for indoor panels and/or expensive rewiring. By activating this service on mobile devices, tenants of the building are able to:

– Receive notifications if someone is at the main entrance

– Ring specific residents in a multi-tenant building

– Receive a live audio/video feed (based on the Comelit Intercom installed)

– Let tenants/visitors in remotely from wherever, whenever

How does it work

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the functionality of Comelit KS Service. The prerequisite are a Salto lock and a Comelit intercom. The very first thing that needs to be done is the activation of the Comelit intercom from the Salto app.

How? It’s very simple.The manager of the building will distributes unique codes or files to the tenants. Each code (/file) can be used once to activate a device. The building tenant creates an account to log in to the mobile app, and selects Comelit from the KS Services. Next, the choice is given to enter a Code manually or upload a so-called .MUG file. This file automatically configures the device for that specific Comelit intercom, avoiding manual input and chance of human error.

After a successful activation of the device, a walkthrough is presented which explains in four illustrated steps the benefits and functionality of the KS Service. After this walkthrough the connected intercom is presented, meaning that all is set and done to make full use of the functionality.

Now, a guest arrives at the main entrance of the building, and he enters the number of a specific apartment. The Comelit intercom will send a push message to the SALTO KS mobile app, directly notifying those who have activated their device. The notification is presented as a regular phone call, which can be either answered or ignored. Answering the call will open the two-way audio feed of the intercom, just like a regular call. From the same call screen, the visitor can be let in directly. The app will remotely grant access for a few seconds! Alternatively, if the guest is not known, a video feed can be started (depending on the type of intercom). This screen offers similar functionality to the previous: Either let them in, mute or end the call.

Comelit and Salto KS, one simple integration that will ease your everyday life!