05 December 2018

Range Fire-Evac in Rome, Naples, Campobasso and Frosinone

The Comelit Fire-Evac product family is a bigger and bigger family. In the last few years Comelit propose solutions and innovative services also for fire protection sector.

“Security as a priority” is the phylosophy in which Comelit believe. Therefore Comelit, after the development of surveillance and anti-intrusion products, have also created fire protection systems.

Specialized in planning and realization of security systems,  Comelit presents indeed a wide range Fire-Evac, a line-up for the detection of fire with conventional technologies, a smoke detection aspiration system, a gas detector and a vocal evacuation system (EVAC). There are also many services granting a total support to the installer.

Renato Colucci, Comelit sales Lazio representative explains: “In the last years Comelit family Fire-Evac had a deep impact on safety systems world, thanks to the high quality standard and the great technical ability, both of the internal design office and of the sales force in the whole territory. Comelit enters a difficult and new market, with competitors already known in the field. We were not afraid and in the last months we started a specific activity in the world of design, involving professionals and the Orders of Engineers of our provinces. We have immediate great results.“

A clear proof of Comelit success are the many systems already installed in Italy, expecially in Lazio. In Lazio there are many buildings secured by Comelit like different public buildings, supermarkets, restaurants and offices. For example, only in Rome, Comelit provides a vocal evacuation system (EAC) at University of Rome, at Cyrano Theatre, at S. Eugenio Hospital and at McDonald of Tritone Street, always in the heart of the capital.

Comelit had also provided its systems at Eurospin of Campobasso, Convento S.Maria Coeli School of Naples, Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone.

Comelit had increased its level of competence in order to face a difficult context and to reach good results. Comelit key words are: passion, determination and speed response to challenges. Comelit had also improved its offer, its business proposals and its technical advice thanks to its Training School that provides specific courses about the products features.

Comelit took part for the second time in Safety Expo (Pad. B, Stand 32), one of the most famous events in Italy for antifire.