Comelit gold medal at “Universiadi”

05 July 2019

Comelit gold medal at “Universiadi”

8000 athletes coming from 170 countries, 18 sports and 234 qualifications to assign. The 30° “Universiadi” edition takes place in Naples from 3rd to 14th July. It’s a great sporting event with the attendance of students coming from all the univesities of the world. This event is compared, for importance and dimensions, to the winter Olympic Games.

Comelit plays a leading role at the “Universiadi” 2019, contributing to the securing of six buildings, occupied by athletes and their activities, with thousands of spectators in the bleachers. Comelit provided antifire and sound evacuation (EVAC) systems in “PalaCasoria”, “PalaTrincone”, “PalaVesuvio” and in the “Portici sports Hall”, in addition to TVCC systems for “Nocera Stadium” and for “PalaBarbuto”.

The influx of thousands of people at the event needs a clear and organized securing of the buildings.

“PalaVesuvio” was closed in 2016 by the fire department and by ASL. It was  reopened thanks to Comelit’s intervention: Emergency panel was installed in order to put in contact people needing help and the security officer.

The product is usable in a simple and intuitive way because of the red button and an excellent phonic, thanks to the great Comelit experience in the context of door-entry systems and video entry systems. Who receives the call can see who is calling and his/her situation through the 4.3” 16:9 colour screen of the Mini HandsFree video entry systems. 

In order to supervise fire emergencies, Comelit had installed the Atena series of panels. These are systems suitable for the identification of possibile fire’s causes. They alert in good time and guide people through the management of emergency situations.

For “Nocera stadium” and for “Palabarbuto”, Comelit had made the video surveillance system , providing Dome cameras and a control station directly controlled by State police, in order to reveal possible  infractions.

Antonio D’Auria, Key Account di Comelit Group comments: “We completed a great teamwork: the project office, the sales office and our technical support team were all involved”.

Antonio concludes: “Comelit will really be a protagonist at “Universiadi” because, with its innovative and high-quality products, had supported the securing and the reopening of some buildings, like “PalaVesuvio”.