17 January 2020

Comelit opens innovative new, hands-on “experience space”

Comelit UK is proud to announce the successful launch of its new central London offices in Queen Elizabeth Street, near Tower Bridge. The newly refurbished facility, which hosted more than 100 guests at a busy mid-week opening event in early November, also includes an innovative state-of-the-art “experience space” designed to showcase Comelit’s class-leading video door entry panels and monitors, HD CCTV surveillance solutions, access control and home automation systems.

Among the attendees at the launch event were security installers, consultants, architects and property developers, who all came to celebrate the opening of Comelit’s new facilities and to see the company’s equipment working in a real-life situation. Inside the converted Victorian warehouse building, a detailed, full-scale recreation of a modern apartment has been built and fully kitted out to demonstrate how easily Comelit’s products and systems can be installed and operated. Serving as a blueprint for system design, the experience space also helps illustrate how the company’s end-to-end product portfolio can be integrated and conveniently controlled on one device.

Francesca Boeris, Managing Director of Comelit, said: “We are thrilled to have opened our second location in the UK. We were particularly delighted with the high turnout on the day as it shows just how useful this kind of handson demonstration is, both for installers and end-users. We’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into this project. It demonstrates our commitment and investment in the UK market and is the result of continued strong growth during 2016.”

Francesca continued, “This is a full-on immersive experience and not just a selection of products on a display board. The demonstrations we’re now able to offer will help existing and potential clients to use and test our products in configurations they hadn’t previously thought possible. In addition to the experience space, there are two meeting areas where the whole buying chain is free to use the new facilities. Installers, consultants, end-users and specifiers all are welcome.”


Visitors are able to view and control these products and services using Icona Manager :

Residents increasingly want to be able to control and monitor their own home environment, whether it’s heating, water and electricity consumption or lighting. Comelit’s award-winning SimpleHome system makes all of this possible with a single control panel that uses smart metering as well as offering the ability to monitor and control a video door entry or CCTV system. Icona Manager is so easy to use it can even distribute audio to predefined zones within the home. Visitors are also able to control the whole system remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Comelit’s innovative new experience space is now officially open and bookings for demonstrations can be made by contacting Comelit staff to make an appointment. There are also breakout areas for seminars and meetings, which can be booked in advance.


About Comelit :

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Comelit offers the most up-to-date door entry systems in the industry that continue to evolve as technology moves forward.

Comelit designs and manufactures class-leading Video Door Entry, CCTV, Security and Domestic Home Automation systems.

Comelit products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide through an extensive technical and sales network. Their quality is guaranteed by leading-edge technological research, ongoing optimisation of functional and application processes and purebred Italian design.