30 January 2020


Comelit Group SpA reaches Mosca‘s heart, putting its technology at the service of the luxury apartment complex Mayak.

Mayak means “lighthouse” in russian. This name wasn’t chosen by chance: in fact into this complex you can admire a beautiful lighthouse.

The new residential complex Mayak has an excellent location, being in one of the most special and attractive areas of the ancient Khimki (Mosca). It’s located along the Mosca canal bank and it has its own yacht marina. The residence has an excellent architecture and it is composed by 1400 flats. Every flat has many bright picture windows that offer a beautiful view on Mosca canal bank.

Mayak is the symbol of luxurious life, widespread on the shore of Moskva river. In the residential complex you can have a walk along the promenade, get on a real lighthouse, go to the yacht club, enjoy the white yachtes and the snow on the docks: it’s an enchanting landscape and a magic atmosphere.

Comelit technology was selected in order to equip Mayak by the general contractor on the project, the famous Turkish company AntYapi, one of the 100 greatest building companies all over the world.

Comelit technology, with its essential and elegant design and its high performances, is perfect to be installed in the gorgeus residence  Mayak. Comelit will install here a Simplebus TOP system with 11 iKall Digital panels. The penthouse on the top of the building will be equipped with Simplehome through SBC2VIP interface.

Congratulations Comelit!