24 January 2017

Maxi ViP at the Mayfair residence of Jurong East

In Singapore, Comelit technology has played a key role in the upgrading of the video entry
phone system in the Mayfair complex of Jurong East, composed of 452 apartments
across five different blocks of buildings. To create it, in just two months, there was no
need to substitute the wires with risers in the apartments. As well as serving a total of 452
apartments, 37 external units were set up in the various lift areas, a switchboard in the
Guard House and another in the Management Office. It is the first Comelit system to include
the new Maxi ViP monitor. “We had to satisfy numerous requirements – explains Gianluca
Ferretti, Comelit Area Manager. Firstly, the efficient management of the Private Lifts, so
as to allow the apartment owner, as a Maxi, to activate the lift to transport the visitor
to the correct floor. Then a monitor with an interface in Mandarin Chinese was required.
Lastly, the Multi User Gateway was installed, to allow all the apartments to respond to calls
from smartphones. The Management Office managed installation of the app’s parameters
by simply sending each condominium the auto-configuration files by email”.