30 August 2016

Redevelopment of the Poetti seafront in Cagliari

The historic Poetti seafront in Cagliari extends for 8 km along the city’s coastline and was recently the focus of an extensive redevelopment project in which it was entirely pedestrianised, with the addition of plenty of green spaces and cycle paths. Comelit collaborated in this redevelopment project with its latest-generation video surveillance solutions.
The surveillance system, which covers the entire length of the pedestrian walkway, is comprised of Comelit cameras with full HD technology, ensuring optimal image quality. A total of 8 Dome cameras and 32 fixed cameras are installed at strategic points along the route.
The Dome cameras, which can rotate through 360° and capture high-resolution images, are used to monitor extensive high-traffic areas, such as junctions and parking areas. The fixed cameras have a static frame and have been selected to cover the areas considered critical as regards security, such as bus stops and public conveniences.
All the cameras are interconnected by fibre optic cable. Comelit’s modern IP digital technology offers all the benefits of internet transmission in that it can cover unlimited distances and record real-time images in full HD format. Furthermore, the cable network is very quick and easy to install with consequent cost savings, with all the system installation work completed in just 2 months.
One of the main functionalities provided by Comelit technology is the ability to communicate with the systems of the local Cagliari police, thanks to the ONVIF protocol used by the cameras. This is a universal control protocol that allows devices, including those made by different manufacturers, to interface with each other, thereby greatly simplifying installation and contributing to the overall quality of the security system.
Thanks to Comelit’s diverse range of video surveillance products and the continuous dialogue between the cameras and the recording devices and the local police headquarters, the Poetto seafront in Cagliari is always closely monitored, a fundamental requirement for an urban area with a high density of visitors, especially during the summer season.