Comelit for the realization of new fire detection systems also for ATEX areas near Galvalux, Belluno

10 July 2018

Comelit for the realization of new fire detection systems also for ATEX areas near Galvalux, Belluno

Comelit supported Galvalux by proposing a new solution consisting of an aspirating smoke detection system with   sampling. Galvalux is a company specialised in treatments of galvanic and painting.

Comelit, thanks to its project, technical support, its advice and assistance during the works, allowed Galvalux to obtain a state-of-the-art smoke detection system. It’s an aspirating and sampling system, designed to reduce and optimise the time of detection, to make the performance better and to replace the previous system, that would have corroded over time due to the presence of acids in the locals.

Moreover, a new detection system for the protection of ATEX areas was installed. This new detection system is suitable for these areas, characterized by a high risk of explosion, caused by atmosphere conditions and by elements located in the environment in question.  Therefore, Comelit had offered a complete solution, starting with the study of  feasibility until the full realization of the project.

As a primary need, Galvalux wanted to find a company able to provide an alternative solution to the previous system with point detector sensors. Comelit is the perfect high qualified partner, able to grant a 360° support. Galvalux chooses Comelit both for the quality of its products and for ist famous after-sale service and support. So a great collaboration between Comelit and Galvalux was born. Thanks to this collaboration the realization of a new fire detector system was successfully started.

The project, realized by “Monico Impianti company” and assigned to “Dal Mas office” of Belluno, needed the competence and the know-how of Comelit’s experts Simone Piacentini and Fabio Rossi. Simone and Fabio assisted the team in every phase of the project: starting from the feasibility of the system, verified on the field, and the support of the installer and of Elio Di Mas (the designer) until the end of the works.

Comelit Fire Specialist Simone Piacentini says: “This project was an example of Comelit team work for the customers. Comelit was initially chosen because it was different from the other competitors. Comelit made an inspection on the ground, actively collaborating with Project Office, represented by Omar Fantini, and giving advices for the installation during the phase of realization. The consultancy during the commissioning was foundamental  for the programmation of  aspirating and sampling machines and also for the supervision of the system”.

Comelit obtained a great success, offering a complete and efficent solution, suitable for the needs of Galvalux. Comelit provided reliable and high-quality solutions, using problem-solving.

All these things made Comelit an important reference point in the world of security.