23 June 2021

The Clement Canopy, the prestigious complex in Singapore chooses Comelit

It’s an evolved system the one that characterizes this residential complex, based on an infrastructure that, thanks to a specific application installed on smartphone, connects the 14 external digital units and their respective high technology keypads to the 505 apartments in the structure. It’s called the Clement Canopy and it’s an absolutely prestigious recent urban residential intervention in Singapore, whether for the developer that promoted it – UOL Group, owner of one of the biggest banks in South East Asia, the UOB -, or for the innovative characteristics, materialised by the contructor Dragages. Projected by ADDP Architects Studio and placed in the District 5 of the city, the heart of the metropolis, the complex includes 505 luxurious apartments in two big towers of 40 floors each, 140 metres high and realized in precast concrete modules, that strongly reduced the number of workers in the working area and the assembly time. The structure, winner of 3 Awards in 2019, one of which as the Best Architectural Project of Private Building, it is entirely surrounded by water and vegetation, and welcomes numerous common services and recreation areas for its residents, such as a gym, three swimming pools, tennis courts, wellness areas, a park for kids and a club house.

As door video entry system, a Vip System has been chosen (Comelit IP-based technology) composed by 14 external digital units and 505 licenses for smartphone app, that work as video door entry system for apartments. The peculiarity of this plant, that is also representing a trend in Singapore, is the absence of a physical video door entry system inside the apartment and the usage of video door entry system functions only on user residents’ smartphones, thanks to Comelit App. For every apartment, it’s guarantee the usage of Comelit App up to 15 users, that simultaneously receive the video call on their smartphone everywhere they are, even outside of their house, obviously having signal on their phone: the first user that aswers is able to communicate with the visitor that rang at the door and can also guarantee the door open and the call of the lift until the corresponding floor. Actually in that plant, for privacy reasons, has been set a specific function in which the visitor that has had access to the door won’t be free to select every floor of the building, but only the one of the apartment he wants to visit. Regarding the digital external units equipped with numeric keypad and display, has been choosen Ikall serie and intalled RFID card reader for the opening of the electric lock through a system of access control. Ikall VIP external units are connected through LAN cable to some switch POE present in the inside of the building’s security room; they are connected to Comelit “Building Gateway” , that transferts the calls from the external units to the associated mobile phones and contains the information of all the smartphones connected to each apartment.

Using a software called ViP Manager, the condominium administrator can independently manage users, enabling or disabling, for example, new and old condominiums, or temporarily suspending a user who has lost his phone. “From the installation point of view – explains Gianluca Ferretti, Comelit Manager for South-East Asia – the system “ends” in the security room: since there are no video intercoms in the apartments, in fact, there are no vertical cables that go up to the floors and there is no device in the uprights. This is a huge advantage for the client of the condominium: on the one hand he saves a lot in economic terms, both due to the lack of vertical wiring and the fact that manpower is not required on the floors and on the other hand he has a return in terms of mar-keting because it can promote the concept of smart home”. This intervention also represented a perfect example of collaboration and transversal sales for Comelit, since the Comelit App was inte-grated with a third-party app. “Our R&D staff – continues Ferretti – interacted with that of Habitap, one of the most popular apps in this area for the management of condominium services: from con-trolling your smart home and booking internal services, to reporting critical issues, malfunctions or inefficiencies; from the registration of the number plates of the cars to access to the common ar-eas. Through the app it is also possible to invite friends and relatives, who receive a QR Code via email to show at the main entrance of the condominium, or have a payment platform available for the balance of condominium expenses or the rental of a parking space. additional. Comelit App has been fully integrated into Habitat, so as to also incorporate video door entry services: for this reason, the user can receive video door entry calls in the Habitap app environment or call the Comelit concierge switchboard from the Habitap app “.

“Thanks to the system we adopted, from an intallation point of view it was an extremely simple intervention that only lasted a couple of weeks. – comments Ferretti – Because of the absence of risers and of video door entry systems in the apartmens, the intervention only regarded the external units installation in the lobbies and the electrical panel in the Management Office, and that’s exactly the advantage of the solution proposed by Comelit through the app: it was enough to organize a meeting with the complex’s personnel to illustrate the App’s software management, and regarding the app installation on the smartphones, every user was autonomous”.