Prodotto | 07 October 2019

SMART: the new CCTV range by Comelit

Video surveillance is, and has been over the last few years, a market experiencing constant growth, with demand increasing in various segments: from the residential sector to small commercial businesses and even large-scale industries. At the root of this trend, which can be seen all over the world and is demonstrating significant peaks in developing countries, is the need for increasingly diligent and precise protection, capable of preventing the rising phenomenon of small-time criminals and acts of vandalism, before we even consider events linked to full-blown terrorism.

In response to these requirements, from October 2019 Comelit will be launching a new video surveillance range: the Smart series which, in line with the most recent market trends, includes the very latest cameras and video recorders, equipped with a number of advanced functions and high-performance features to guarantee the utmost protection when it comes to people and their possessions.

The CCTV market trend is now moving towards higher and higher resolutions (4K resolutions), but often the network infrastructures are not capable of supporting video streams such as this. For this reason we are focussing on developing increasingly effective compression algorithms such as H265+. All cameras in the Smart range support various compression algorithms, from H264 to the high-performance H265+, which offers significant band optimisation with limited Hard Disk storage space. Resolutions from FULLHD up to 4K – i.e. 4 times as high – are supported, offering much more detail than the traditional 720p and therefore a better viewing experience” states Giovanni Di Cairano, Market Research and Product Manager for the Comelit Group’s CCTV range.

In terms of image quality, cameras in the Smart range offer other features that help to increase their contribution to security: “120 dB True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology is a camera function that allows greater light balancing in the image when the camera frames strong light, for a balanced image even in situations with bright backlighting. They are also Smart IR devices, due to their ability to balance the LED intensity and provide an image without saturation points, for consistently excellent viewing quality.” continues Di Cairano. “The video surveillance cameras are installed in various settings and are designed to run round the clock in all lighting conditions. Improved viewing experience is therefore not just reserved for daytime, but is also achieved at night when lighting is poor or non-existent.  The CMOS SONY STARVIS sensor means that cameras in the Smart range are more sensitive to light and can capture feeds with an exceptional level of detail, providing clear and sharp colour images even in poor lighting conditions. All images relating to an event are finally transmitted to Cloud Storage where they are archived, even if the video recorder is damaged”.

What sets Comelit apart is the easy installation and connection offered by the new range. The name “Smart” relates in particular to this feature, the product of intense research and development work carried out by the Rovetta-based company: its user friendly solutions not only make the installer’s job easier, but also make it easier for the end user to manage the system, thanks to a highly intuitive graphical interface that can even be used to control the video surveillance system via smartphone. Another feather in Comelit’s cap is its fast, efficient and widespread assistance service, which is always available for consultation by installers and distributors.

Comelit’s new and complete video surveillance range is uniform in appearance, with a functional and pleasant design.

Although the new range is offered for sale at a highly competitive price, it still includes some extremely advanced technical details. Camera resolution begins at a standard full HD and extends up to 4K, with fixed, varifocal and motor-zoom lenses; XVR and NVR video recorders can manage up to 16 AHD or 32 IP cameras with H265+ compression algorithms and HDD up to 32 Gb; there are also many accessories available, such as brackets and Junction boxes, or the pre-prepared AHD and IP kits. The Wi-Fi kit is one of the latter; the wireless connection makes installation even easier.

Discover the whole range of the SMART series on the website dedicated to professionals: