A simple solution to open up complex worlds. Tailored to your needs.

Comelit Access Control system: the solution to opening up endless possibilities.

A complete system that allows you to relax and enjoy peace of mind in a home that is always secure and protected. Opt for the freedom to go wherever you want while keeping
everything under control, all the time and wherever you are. Because protecting your home and family means more peace of mind for you and your nearest and dearest.

comelit access control key

Customised access, whenever and however you want.

A key that offers you the option of opening up your home only to certain people, in specific areas and at set times. Plus, it gives you the option of recording all entrance details (date and time) so that you can always keep track of the people who come into your home.
It is available in various colours, each representing a customised programming in accordance with the user’s requirements. If a key is lost, it can be deactivated so that all its functions are erased.

Manages entrances in a completely independent manner, depending on who is trying to gain access

Manages entrance and exit timetables for previously established access

Used with the door entry monitor external unit, it allows direct opening of the pedestrian gate

Scenarios that are activated when you come in

Not just access. A key to open a world tailored to your requirements.

Every member of the family has their own key, as does the gardener, who only has access to permitted areas.

Papa Giulio
The head of the household, he can access everything

Disables the alarm, opens the rolling shutters and disables climate control

Giovanni, the gardener
Only opens the gate and garden zone

Antonio, the painter
Opens the gate and only accesses the areas in which he needs to work

A finger is all it takes to execute your commands. Even when you are away from home.