Integrated wireless intrusion detection and video surveillance

Secur Hub: intrusion detection and video surveillance in a single system

A system evolves so as to improve its degree of ideality” – cit. G.S. Altshuller.

The integration of Secur Hub with video surveillance is evolving and making Comelit a unique player in the competitive field.

Find out how it is possible, in just a few steps, to integrate IP cameras into your Secur Hub system and view recordings via Comelit App..

New advanced functions for your security*

From now on, with Secur Hub, you can continuously record with up to 4 cameras connected to the control panel, as well as search and view recordings via the Comelit App.

Plus, you can view live images originating from the cameras and receive short video clips (10 seconds) which allow you to check what has actually happened in the event of an alarm (video verification).

The alarm system can therefore become a CCTV system, , managed via the Cloud and without any procedures on the home router required!

*firmware version 1.1.20 and control panel micro SD required

The alarm system becomes a CCTV system in just a few steps

-4 cameras can be connected to the control panel and can record 24 hours a day, in addition to streaming live images via Comelit App

-A further 12 cameras can be connected to the control panel for live streaming via Comelit App

-The control panel can store videos originating from 4 cameras for 48 hours on its internal microSD

-Live videos and recording are sent from the control panel to the Comelit App, using one of the available channels: WiFi, Ethernet or via 4G and 3G!

Comelit App can be used to access recordings and live streaming


Contact your usual installer and make your home even smarter and more secure!

With the Comelit App, everything is under control!

Even when you are far away the Comelit App, ensures that your home and your loved ones are always safe and protected. In fact, you can manage your system directly from your smartphone and tablet, for your own peace of mind and to keep your nearest and dearest feeling at ease.

Video surveillance integration, makes the following possible:
Playback – view recordings from the cameras
Select camera – select the relevant camera within the system
Calendar  – view and select days with available recordings
TimeBar – bar with zoom feature to search for the exact time of the relevant recording

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