Comelit anti-intrusion app

With the Comelit app, you receive a pop-up alarm video. Be at home, wherever you go.

The app by Comelit, available for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android systems), allows you to see the images captured by the cameras during an alarm status, or watch the live feed. Plus, it allows independent control of all system functions.

Watch in real time, save and record

Check feeds in real time and capture snapshots and videos.

Activate, deactivate and manage the system

Control panel management shortcuts, simple and intuitive.

Control several systems, even integrated models

You can manage several systems at once and control the home automation system.

Live view of IP and analogue cameras connected to the VEDO system

Activation of medical, fire and other alarms.

Alarm video-verification: it is possible to receive a short video of the event that caused an alarm

Recording movies, snapshots, browsing and sharing saved multimedia content

Receive push notifications of events

Consultation of event and alarm memory

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