Comelit home automation: security

Perfect integration with your alarm system.

Burglary and acts of vandalism in the home are among the most frequent crimes. The frequency of this kind of incident means that homeowners need to find more effective ways of protecting their property and privacy. Comelit anti-intrusion systems, which can also be managed via home automation, are the new generation of “technological guardians” capable of quickly detecting and alerting you to any violation attempt, with solutions such as the innovative VEDO system that can be used to check everything going on inside the home, even remotely via PC or mobile phone.

Alarm signalling on system manager and indication of the area in alarm.

System activation or deactivation, can also be programmed.

Live displaying of the different areas in the home directly through the system manager.

Option of accessing recorded alarm events directly through the system manager.

Indication of control panel faults directly on the system manager.

Option of programming the system in a different way for each area.

Protects you and keeps you informed, avoiding false alarms.