Comelit home automation: consumption management

A comfortable home is first and foremost a high-efficiency home.

These days it is possible to keep electrical loads under control, monitor and control consumption and choose where and how to optimise various home automation functions. Keeping the temperature under control and automatically managing climate control means significant savings can be made as you enjoy customised room-by-room wellbeing. Comelit home automation offers constant monitoring of consumption conditions, precisely and logically adjusting the various devices to limit consumption and create the ideal climate in every room of the house. With Comelit home automation for consumption management, you can monitor your usage of  gas, water, heating energy, electricity at individual outlets, energy produced by the photovoltaic system, etc.

Option of configuring hourly/weekly rates for each consumption category.

Displaying of CO2 saved.

Displaying of the log in table or graph format by day/month/year or over the last 5 years.

Option of displaying the photovoltaic system electricity production graph, superimposed onto the consumption graph.

Configuration of thresholds for every hour, day, month, year.

Export of consumption and costs for the last 5 years onto SD card (included).

Graph display of the various consumption and cost figures.

``Traffic light`` displaying of exceeded set thresholds.

Consumption information for your home can even be viewed remotely.

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