comelit home automation lighting control

Comelit home automation: lighting control.

Control all the lights in your home. Even when you are out.

The dynamics of the modern lifestyle tend to accelerate the pace of our activities. It’s almost inevitable that the distraction that accompanies a hurried departure can cause forgetfulness that can often be costly. Leaving the lights on in the home soon starts to take its toll on the bottom line of the electricity bill. This is why Comelit has designed a home automation system with integrated lighting control. Apart from the practical “Go Out” scenario, which transmits a series of programmable commands, the system can switch off house lights automatically when it detects that there’s no one home.

Simplified management of all types of lighting: classic, dimmer, timed or timer-activated.

Automated power-off synchronised with the anti-intrusion system sensors if no-one is home.

Instant display of the current status of the lights in every room, with the option of controlling them individually or by zone.

Setting of customised timers for each power-on or by room.

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