comelit home automation

A finger is all it takes to execute your commands. Even when you are away from home.

Comelit home automation: indulgent relaxation, as you save every day.

Choosing Comelit home automation means opting for easy technology that is satisfying to use and capable of combining a range of functions with comfort, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.  In fact, thanks to its range of functions, the system will take care of all household procedures as per your instructions and in a customised manner for each user, helping you cut your energy bills by up to a third.

Find out what the Comelit home automation system can do for you and your family

Control your home at your convenience directly from your smartphone.

A simple gesture is enough to make everything work perfectly. As if you were conducting an orchestra.

The Scenarios function further simplifies home management and improves quality of life. Simply set each function under a single name and your home will adapt to your requirements. If you go away for the weekend, for example, the shutters close, the heating stops running, the lights switch off and load management enters saving mode. When you get back, everything is activated with a simple touch. Comfort, wellbeing and security at your fingertips, like never before.

Romantic dinner
Going to work
Endless options

Being surprised by the unexpected will be the most frequent scenario.

Icona Manager

Full-duplex hands-free door entry monitor/system manager with 4.3″ 16/9 touch-screen colour display.

Controls with “Sensitive touch” technology, LED backlighting and Swipe function.

Semi flush-mounted, wall-mounted and desk base installation.

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Available with desk base
Concealed Sensitive Touch keys
Slim profile

Perfectly integrated with Video entry, Video surveillance, Anti-intrusion and Access control.

Comelit home automation integrates perfectly with all Comelit systems, to make your home a place where you feel safe and protected. These connections mean that you can use the various systems with home automation integration. Your home will adapt to suit you and your requirements, wherever you are. And thanks to the remote function, you can control every aspect of your home directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. No longer just a butler; you will now have a porter, a guard dog and a bodyguard! All at your fingertips.

An automated home works in complete harmony with all systems.