One. The functions

Countless functions. All in One.


The Thousand... and One light

One controls up to 27 light points.
9 per page, with various configurations. To switch a lighting point on or off, simply press lightly.

You can adjust the intensity of each light: press and hold the relevant point on the device to access the circular slider for the special Dimmer function.

You can use the special RGB management function to change the colour of the ambient lighting while adjusting its intensity.

Door and gate automation

Keep pressing, keep control

One controls up to 9 automations.
A single point of control and a light pressure is all you need to raise and lower shutters, Venetian blinds and sun awnings, inside or outside the house. Information is returned in real time: colour changes and sound feedback confirm that commands have been executed, which means that checking every single door or window is no longer necessary.


One becomes four

One manages up to 4 pre-set home automation scenarios.

Through the Scenarios function, One further simplifies home management and improves quality of life. Comfort, wellbeing and security have never been so achievable.

Climate control

The ideal climate, the actual climate

The Climate function makes your home even more comfortable: a simple action and a few seconds is all you need to adjust the climate in a room, without using the timer-thermostat or the home automation supervisor.

Press and hold to access the special Climate screen: swipe your finger over the circular slider to increase or decrease the temperature by 3°C. A feedback LED indicates whether the heating/cooling system is working.

With the ECO function, energy saving comes into play: if it is activated, the LEDs switch off after 10 seconds of inactivity.The light intensity of the LEDs automatically adjusts on the basis of the light level detected in the room: to be visible in a very bright room, and to avoid causing disturbance in softer ambient lighting, for example in bedrooms.

ECO Function