Customised home automation scenarios

The one-shot scenario. One touch. And everything changes.

A single command can be used to activate a series of fully customised and customisable functions whenever the need arises. For example, the GOING OUT scenario can include lighting deactivation, rolling shutter closure, temperature adjustment and alarm activation. The SIMULATE OCCUPATION option can include rolling shutter opening and light activation, just as if someone was at home. Scenarios can also be managed remotely (remote control function on PC, tablet or smartphone).

Rolling shutters closed.

Alarm activation.

Gas and Water solenoid valves closed.

Temperature adjustment.

Audio distribution function deactivation.

The scheduled scenario. Indulgent relaxation, as you save every day.

When programming becomes a pleasant part of your everyday routine. The system saves commands and functions according to the timescales set by the user and activates them automatically, day after day. For example: every morning at 7:15 the roller shutters are opened and the rooms reach the ideal temperature,
audio distribution is activated with your favourite radio stream or album, at 10:30 the sun awnings are lowered, at 18:00 the irrigation system is
activated and at 22:00 the garden lights are switched on, the alarm is enabled, the sun awnings are retracted and the rolling shutters are closed.


Rolling shutters opened.


Sun awnings unravelled.


Lights and irrigation system switched on.


Alarm activation and lights switched on.

The conditioned scenario. Ready for anything.

A “thinking” solution which independently controls the activation and deactivation of functions in accordance with specific situations or quotas. The
conditions applied to the system are: rain and wind detection, sunlight exposure and the detection of gas in rooms within the
home. For example: if it rains, the conditioned scenario can include rolling shutter lowering, irrigation system locking and
sun awning retraction.


Rolling shutters closed.


Sun awnings closed.


Sun awnings closed.

Gas leak

Solenoid valve closed.