Away from home app

With the Comelit App, you can answer calls from anywhere. And open doors and gates.

The Comelit App, available for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), allows you to answer door entry monitor calls whether you are at home or out.

Live and playback visualization of the cameras connected to NVR and DVR of the 100 serie


Open your door with just one look with the brand new function of facial recognition!


Management of anti-intrusion systems


Answer calls wherever you are

Anyone trying to contact you via your video entrance panel will be able to get hold of you.

Push notification

The app will only activate on call with remarkable energy savings and data.

Intercom calls

You can manage several systems at once and control the home automation system.

View video entry phone calls

View videos recorded from outdoor door entry monitors and cameras (video memory).

Control generic actuators

Control actuators to manage lights, gates and barriers.

How to set up your Comelit App?

General information for Comelit apps

Technology and design in the home.

Outdoor style and performance.