Comelit-PAC Checks in with H.E.S Alarms at Staybridge Hotel

27 November 2023

Comelit-PAC Checks in with H.E.S Alarms at Staybridge Hotel

As a new hotel in the heart of Brighton, Staybridge Hotel has put its trust in Comelit-PAC and H.E.S Alarms to deliver a fire safety system with cloud integration to create a safe environment for guests and staff.

Staybridge Hotel, as part of the IHG Group, was built in 2022 and renovated in 2023 as an all-suite hotel providing guests with a shared lounge, together with offering the comforts of home in a stylish contemporary space.

Ensuring fire safety measures are compliant to latest legislation, the management team worked closely with H.E.S Alarms to carry out a risk assessment of the complete site and incorporate fire safety systems where required, including Comelit-PAC’s latest LogiFire solution with cloud technology integration.

Says Ryan Morgan, Maintenance Manager of Staybridge Hotels: “This is a very exciting chapter for Staybridge Hotel, and a significant investment that we are thrilled to present to our guests. Whilst its core objective is to offer the latest and contemporary amenities; the safety and security of our hotel experience was critical. We needed to ensure our partners were on board right from the early stages of the renovation programme at our hotel. H.E.S and Comelit-PAC offered advice and practical support on how and where to install fire safety measures to blend with their surroundings, without affecting the experience for our staff and guests.”

Comelit-PAC Logifire system was programmed to a cause-and-effect matrix specifically designed for the site. It consisted of lift grounding to alternate floors, each individual room being fitted with an extinguishant system fitted above the hobs, and time delays with zonal programming for the whole building. Designated sounders were also installed in specified areas to seamlessly operate with the system.

Mark Dynes, H.E.S Alarms, Managing Partner added: “Fire safety is one of the biggest challenges presented in any hotel environment, to enable balancing a welcoming and relaxing environment that doesn’t compromise on the safety of guests. At Staybridge Hotel, it has taken careful planning and a close working partnership to achieve these objectives for the hotel and renovations as a whole. We were especially impressed with the technical and sales support from Comelit-PAC and capability to support us at every stage of the works programme to ensure a seamless LogiFire integration using latest cloud technology.”

LogiFire is guaranteed by a range of control panels. The system was designed at The Staybridge Hotel using an 8 loop Logifire118 system. The panel is feature rich and have many onboard fault-finding diagnostics, which was very beneficial during the final commissioning stages.

The evolution to cloud technology and remote monitoring via MyComelit app, means that users can check their status across their fire safety network on a remote basis, making sure they are always connected and fully operational. Event notifications can be sent via email and/or SMS messaging.

Mandy Bowden, Comelit-PAC Fire Manager concludes: “The integration capability at The Staybridge Hotel highlights the integral importance of the partnership approach. This is right early on from the design process to ensure we can accommodate the complete cause and effect matrix. This means fire safety products can be installed at identified areas so as not to interfere with the guest experience at any point during their stay. The result is a wonderful example of a seamless integration, using latest cloud technology to ensure the fire safety of all who work or stay to enjoy all the benefits Brighton has to offer.”