Countless individual controls. All in ONE.

One is the device revolutionising the world of home automation management.

Patent Pending.The only non-specialist multi-purpose cover plate capable of diversifying over time..A single touch-sensitive point of control with a multi-page system manages lights, climate control, automations and scenarios. Minimal design with various colour finishes. Greater security, greater wellbeing, greater peace-of-mind: the first product designed to offer so much

All the others only have one purpose

The traditional and standard technology used in civil series requires the application of specific devices which respond individually to the different requirements: light management, rgb, dimmers, automations, climate and scenarios.

What is a multi-purpose device?
Comelit One (Patent Pending) is the only multi-purpose device on the market. It was created as a non-specialist product, as you only have to decide what to control during programming: one or more lights (including dimmer and rgb technology), one or more automations, one zone thermostat, one or more scenarios or even the complete set of all functions.

One allows unprecedented customisation: during programming you can customise the number of screens (up to 3), functions and the colour of each LED.

The controls can also be assigned as desired on various screens, to create a logical order and a unique, absorbing user experience.

Everything in a touch.
One. The only cover plate that recognises every one of your actions.

One is the first touch-sensitive home automation control device.

-Scrolling, to change screen.
-Pressing, to activate a command.
-Pressing and holding, to access special screens.

No other cover plate in the world is designed to recognise your every action. Three screens, up to 27 controllable functions including light activation and intensity adjustment, rolling shutter automation and temperature / scenario management.