Secur Hub

Secur Hub


Secur HUB is the wireless intruder alarm system natively connected to the Comelit Cloud, which includes both WiFi and LAN connectivity. For maximum communication redundancy, GSM modules (2G and 3G) that are also connected to the Cloud may be used.

Designed for quick installation utilising modern techniques from the IoT sphere, the system does not require ports to be opened on the router, even where the App is concerned: for both system management and for viewing the connected cameras.

Easy installation, continuous protection and ergonomics are the values Secur HUB uses to ensure the safety of people and places.


Communication between the control panel and all the wireless devices connected to it takes place by means of an encrypted radio protocol developed in our R&D centres. At a radio range that satisfies and exceeds all application requirements, the protocol adds functions such as anti-jamming (which detects potential intentional interruption of the frequencies used by the system).

Utilising the two-way nature of the messages between the control panel and the sensors, the latter devices are kept updated as to the status of the system: if the alarm is unset, for example, motion sensor detection may be disabled, in order to save energy and optimise battery life.


With the Comelit APP, you can manage the Secur HUB control panel even when you are away from home, safe in the knowledge that you will quickly receive news on anything that is happening, thanks to the push notifications. You can set or unset the alarm system, check the status of each sensor, organise notifications and view the control panel event log. If there are cameras connected to the system, you can view them live or receive short video clips recorded during the alarm events

With a single app, the whole Comelit world is in the user’s hands: intruder alarm, video entry, home automation and video surveillance are integrated and can even be managed in multi-system mode.


Up to 16 IP cameras with HD resolution can be connected to the control panel and viewed in live streaming mode via the Comelit app. Four of these can record continuously and be coupled with various sensors so that you can receive – alongside the alarm notifications – short video clips of what has actually happened on your smartphone.

The control panel collates and manages the video streams from the cameras, never requiring the router ports to be opened, for
remote viewing via App.


All the devices that communicate with the control panel feature innovative solutions and a refined design to minimise the most common problems relating to installation. The magnetic contacts can be fitted in two different positions, thanks to two reed switches, and also have auxiliary wired inputs that can independently transmit signals originating from external contacts or cable sensors for blinds to the control panel.

“Finding” mode is used to select a device from the control panel and switch on its LEDs so that it is identified immediately; each device uses coloured LEDs to indicate the quality of its connection to the control panel.

All operating parameters can be configured via the control panel, and jumpers are provided in the devices for the most frequently used options.


At the centre of the design process for the control panel and all the devices in the system is the user, whether this means the installer or the end user. Practicality, installation flexibility, usability of the functions and a design encompassing the smallest details, combined with unparalleled integration of on-board technologies, make Secur HUB a system that fits easily into a visible context where attention to detail is especially important, meaning it becomes a decorative accessory as well as a security device.

The compact size, concealed cap-sense keypad and pared-back design of the sensors further lighten the impact of the system in monitored rooms.

Honorable mention – Compasso d’Oro 2020



• The entire Secur HUB range is completely wireless, to allow installation without masonry work.
• The built-in wizard makes the system easy to install and set up in just a few minutes, without using a PC.
• Perfect for residential applications and small commercial premises such as bars, restaurants and slot rooms.
• The optional desk base offers more flexible positioning.



• PRO programming via PC using the Secur HUB Manager Software.
• Connecting to security monitoring services, configuring the video part, programming reports for specific event, customising audio messages, managing multiple areas.
• Designed for detached houses, town centre buildings or buildings that are not set up for wiring or do not offer wiring options.