comelit home automation system managers

Comelit home automation system managers.

All your household functions encapsulated in technological, design-conscious frames.

Comelit home automation system managers are design-conscious products, created so that you can organise and supervise the activity of your automated home.
They offer unparalleled technology, with specific solutions for the management of just a few functions or all tasks.

Maxi Manager

The brand new Maxi Manager is the new benchmark in high-end home automation.

Wide 7-inch screen with capacitive touch feature, polished non-scratch clear polycarbonate surface, matte brushed metal finishes, just 12 mm thick and the very peak of technology.

Maxi Manager also features Sensitive Touch keys that can be activated with a simple swipe.

Maxi Manager with Android: Comelit door entry monitor and home automation system manager integrated with third-party Apps.

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Icona Manager

Full-duplex hands-free door entry monitor/system manager with 4.3″ 16/9 touch-screen colour display.

Controls with “Sensitive touch” technology, LED backlighting and Swipe function.

Semi flush-mounted, wall-mounted and desk base installation.

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16:9 4.3`` screen with capacitive technology
Concealed Sensitive Touch keys
Simple and pared-back design

Discover the convenience of being able to control your home directly from your smartphone.


The device revolutionising the world of home automation management. Patented.

A single touch-sensitive point of control with a multi-page system manages lights, climate control, automations and scenarios. Minimal design with various colour finishes.

Greater security, greater wellbeing, greater peace-of-mind: the first product designed to offer so much.

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Simple and modern design
Different colour finishes
Programmable for functions

Serial bridge

Serial Bridge is the home automation system manager which offers direct system control via a tablet or smartphone.

Serial Bridge, which does not require any software or application installation, can be used to access and manage your own home automation system via a WEB page.

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Discover the convenience of being able to control your home directly from your smartphone.