We value and protect your data: we see it as an ethical commitment!

IS YOUR DATA SECURE? ARE THESE COMPANIES TRANSPARENT? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a truly valid and effective video surveillance system.

Now more than ever, especially in this age of “Big Data”, cybersecurity and protecting sensitive data have become very important and topical issues that are causing growing concern among companies and private citizens. Over the last few years, the number of cyber attacks has increased exponentially!

The security of infrastructures, whether public or private, mostly revolves around video surveillance systems, and a breach of their protocols will result in severe consequences. It is for this reason that we, at Comelit, strive to find advanced solutions that can raise IT security and data protection standards for each and every one of us.

In fact, we believe that making sure all data processed, every video recorded, and every face filmed is completely safe should be an ethical commitment. We value the physical safety of assets and persons, as much as we value protecting data, if not even more: it is our responsibility!


A number of countries have banned certain video surveillance system manufacturers from selling in their markets. For instance, under Section 889 of the John S.McCain National Defense Authorization Act, the USA prohibits government contractors from supplying the federal government with telecommunications or video surveillance equipment, systems or services (or their key components) that are produced or supplied by some of the largest manufacturers and their subsidiaries and affiliates.

Choosing Comelit means being able to rely on a private, Italian, non-state-owned company: we have no interest or obligation in transmitting the data we collect through our servers.

And we do a lot more too!
– we have our own cloud-based server infrastructure, which is located in Europe (in Frankfurt, one of Europe’s leading financial centres and a major hub for the data centre industry), and is run in partnership with the number one cloud provider in the world: Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services);
– all Comelit product components are NDAA (discover more about NDAA standard) and GDPR compliant;
– all Comelit cameras and video recorders are ONVIF compliant (Open Network Video Interface Forum), which ensures compatibility with other manufacturers’ products.


These are just a few examples that show just how much infrastructures and people are willing to put their trust in us to protect them, since they consider it absolutely essential to be able to ensure IT security and protect sensitive data.

We installed 219 IP cameras in the entire city of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates, which are operated from a central control room with video walls and dedicated servers for data storage.

We have installed 90 Advance series security cameras with Deep Video Analysis functions to make the maxi car park of the central railway station in Naples (which is a key multi-service and intermodal hub for green mobility in the city) as safe as possible.

We have updated and increased security in the hospitals of the Romagna Riviera by installing more than 200 cameras both inside and outside each ward and in the pay and display car parks of the various buildings.

One of our core values, which is to be there for our clients, is also reflected in this: we support them at all times and are aware of how important it is to protect and value their data.


Another innovation by Comelit is the option of managing both series in our range of CCTV products, Advance and Next, directly from a single platform, a single App and a single VMS.

This means that these series can be combined as desired.

This major innovation will allow us to meet all technological and economic requirements, since the systems we supply are highly customisable.


ADVANCE RANGE It is ideal for extremely professional solutions for use in medium- and large-sized systems requiring sophisticated technology. Greater image resolution and better performing video analysis, tailored to requirements.

NEXT RANGE It is designed for use in settings where user friendliness and easy installation and connection are of the essence. Cameras and video recorders with advanced functions and high-performance features to ensure that assets and people are well protected.

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