comelit maxi entry monitor detail
comelit maxi entry monitor detail
comelit maxi entry monitor detail
comelit maxi entry monitor detail

The shiny surface, made using transparent scratch-resistant polycarbonate, has a matt brushed metal edge finish and is only 12mm thick.


16:9 7`` colour wide touch screen with touch activation.

Android version available - NEW!

Maxi Manager with Android: for managing home automation, video entry, intruder alarm and third-party systems.

Materials and dimensions

Non-scratch clear polycarbonate surface, matte brushed metal finishes, just 12 mm thick.

Temperature and humidity sensor


comelit maxi monitor led screen

Sensitive touch keys with swipe activation. Large capacitive touch screen. Maxi: user friendly technology.

As well as being a colour door entry monitor, Maxi Manager offers a full range of home automation functions for controlling domestic installations and devices, from heating to alarm systems. The capacitive technology allows effective management through simple gestures.

comelit maxi door entry monitor keys
Swipe functions

Swipe functions: the icons appear on the control panel with a simple swipe.

Capacitive touch screen

Capacitive 7” wide touch screen with gesture recognition.

Door entry monitor buttons

Lock-release, audio in, 5 programmable keys, self-ignition and privacy/doctor.


Audio and ringtone volume, colour and adjustement of backlighting intensity.

With the Comelit Maxi Manager home automation system manager, everything is under control:

Consumption management Explore the function
Explore the function Explore the function
Climate control Explore the function
Door and gate automation Explore the function
Load management Explore the function
Video entry technology Explore the function
Anti-intrusion Explore the function
Video surveillance Explore the function

Want to expand your supervisor’s functions and manage the Comelit home automation from your smartphone?

Plus Maxi Manager offers:
Integrated temperature sensor
Concealed micro SD at the side: melody customisation, door entry monitor video memory, messages and consumption archive
Connection via LAN for live viewing of anti-intrusion and door entry monitor cameras
3 programmable inputs
Option of sending email on door entry monitor, home automation and anti-intrusion events
Displaying the number of elements active for each room
4 favourites tabs that can be set as desired from the options on the homepage
Melody customisation: you can customise the call melody with a polyphonic ringtone from the options in the list, or with one
imported to the supervisor via mini SD card.
Door entry monitor video memory: you can enable (or disable) the video memory function
Messages: You can receive messages or alerts from the switchboard. The arrival of a new message is indicated visually by LEDs.
Door open alert.