Fire protection.

Everything works to protect you.

The aim of an automatic fire detection system is to automatically detect and alert you to the start of a fire as quickly as possible, in order to protect human lives and safeguard cultural and material possessions by starting evacuation procedures, activating protection systems and taking other safety measures as necessary.


A fire begins.


The detector senses the smoke and heat.


The signal is sent to the control panel.


The sound sensor is activated.


The evacuation plan activates in time.

For Comelit, taking care of people’s safety now means also being able to offer a complete range of fire detection products. A new family that includes control panels, automatic smoke and heat detectors, manual alarm devices, audio and visual indication devices, system accessories (electromagnetic stops, power supply units, etc.) and a range of wireless devices.

Conventional range.

The control panels are connected to several two-wire lines.

The alarm is transmitted to the control panel by the detector.

The conventional automatic detection system is easy to install and starts working straight away.

Suitable for rooms of a small size and/or with low structural complexity.

Wireless and EVAC implementation.

Addressed line.

Precise identification of the point at which the alarm was generated.

Suitable for any type of residential or tertiary application, from small applications to larger systems (museums, schools, industries and airports).

The control panels can be connected in a redundant network and over Ethernet.

Fire alerts are visible directly on the control panel, as well as on remote panels and PCs on which the system manager software has been installed.

Easy programming and commissioning, thanks to the PC programming software.

Wireless and EVAC implementation.

Addressed line and conventional line with wireless integration.

For extending existing wired fire detection systems, or creating new systems with completely wireless detection points.

Ideal for systems in which it is impossible or particularly difficult to lay cables for sensors (museums, car parks, ...).

Ideal for systems in sites where the layout changes frequently (open-plan spaces in tertiary industry)

Cable-free installation allows quick installation which creates minimal upheaval in the surrounding environment.

All devices have a radio range of 500 m in the open air.

The system includes radio repeaters which further increase the maximum transmission distances, even in architecturally complex systems.

Systems for the most complex requirements.