Vedo anti-intrusion

Traditional systems send a message or a still frame. With Comelit Vedo you can receive and watch a live video: goodbye, false alarms!

A complete system that allows you to relax and enjoy peace of mind in a home that is always secure and protected. Opt for the freedom to go wherever you want while keeping everything under control, all the time and wherever you are. Because protecting your home and family means more peace of mind for you and your nearest and dearest.

When you are out, receive a pop-up alarm video via the Vedo app.

The Vedo app allows you to receive live alarm event video; capture and save snapshots and video clips; manage the alarm system or several systems; control your home thanks to its integration with home automation devices.

The system still offers contact via MMS and email (transmission of 3 sequential images), SMS or telephone call.

Explore the Vedo app

A designer keypad for your home

The new LCD keypads, thanks to their new design, stand out for a larger display which makes it easier to read, a new layout of the buttons that improves usability, a brightness sensor and soft-touch technology.

The distinctive finish of the buttons area together with the type of micro-switches used facilitate the usage and highlight the quality of the materials.

Moreover, this elegant and refined design allows installation even in prestigious contexts and in all those situations where the keypad is visible.

Pet-Immunity: your pet will no longer be the unwitting cause of false alarms.

The sensors in the Vedo range effectively prevent the alarm being triggered accidentally by pets weighing up to 25 kilos.

The Vedo range.

A range of products for your safety, offering integration with all Comelit systems.

All products are designed to offer easy usage and quick installation, and are the ideal solution for all requirements. From control panels to keypads and traditional products; radio solutions to the option of integrating everything with home automation and video surveillance products and systems.

Control panels

Wall- or flush-mounted and up to 68 inputs.

Keypads, activation devices and home automation system managers

From Safe Touch to integration with home automation.

Radio products

Remote controls, panic buttons and wireless solutions.

Alarm indicators

Indoor and outdoor sirens.

Magnetic contacts

Door and window contacts, also as wireless.

Indoor volumetric sensors

With integrated camera and Pet-Immunity sensor.

Outdoor volumetric sensors

Stormproof and with light filter function.


Invisible and infrared barriers of every type.

Technological detectors

Smoke, flooding, proximity and solenoid valves.