comelit home automation system integration

Integration of Comelit systems

Systems that integrate with one another.

The technological evolution championed by Comelit in recent years has broken down the barriers between the various systems used to adjust and manage different functions within home and work environments. The Comelit home automation system is the intelligence generating and controlling the connections between the various systems, in this case Door entry monitors, Video surveillance, Anti-intrusion and Access control.

Video entry technology.

Thanks to the perfect integration between systems, Comelit video entry technology integrates perfectly into the home automation system: your door entry monitor becomes your system manager and vice-versa, adding functions such as the door entry video memory, ringtone customisation and video clip export via the micro SD at the side.

Video surveillance.

Comelit home automation integrates video surveillance systems and allows control of all their video cameras, so that you can keep an eye on all the spaces within your home. You can see, via your system manager or smartphone/tablet, what is happening in your home at all times (intrusion attempts, doors or windows left open, false alarms, etc.).


Burglary and acts of vandalism in the home are among the most frequent crimes. The frequency of this kind of incident means that homeowners need to find more effective ways of protecting their property and privacy. Comelit anti-intrusion systems, which can also be managed via home automation, are the new generation of “technological guardians” capable of quickly detecting and alerting you to any violation attempt, with solutions such as the innovative Vedo system that can be used to check everything going on inside the home, using the system manager or even remotely via PC or mobile phone.

Access control.

A single command can be used to activate a series of totally customised and customisable functions whenever the need arises. Real access keys that can be used to activate the scenarios for which they have been programmed.