01 February 2016

Comelit’s ViP System Offers Residents Class-Leading Comfort and Security

Welwyn Garden City, UK, 16th February 2015. Globally renowned door entry manufacturer, Comelit Group UK, has supplied an IP video door entry system for a multi-­block residential development in an exclusive gated community within the idyllic north London village of Mill Hill. Hertfordshire-based luxury property developers, Heron Lea, asked Comelit to design and supply a system that offered unparalleled functionality and security, complemented by monitors that were sleek, elegant and in harmony with the high-­end décor of the luxury apartments. Specialist electronic fire and security company, Detection Security, working in conjunction with access control distributor, Door Entry Direct, was tasked with the installation and design for the Hammers Lane site using Comelit’s simple and versatile IP system.

A total of 72 Black Planux Lux video monitors were installed and linked to the 23 bespoke ViP entrance panels throughout the eight apartment blocks. These individual buildings were then connected to the existing site-­wide LAN to provide simultaneous video and audio conversations between an unlimited numbers of users (including the switchboard operator), without the phone line ever being engaged. The installers benefited greatly from being able to integrate the existing alarm with the door entry system and preconfigure everything off-­site, saving both time and money.

Comelit’s ViP system is completely digital and is at the forefront of leading-­edge technology, making it easy to install into an existing LAN network. In comparison with traditional analogue systems, ViP also makes future expansion possible, as there are no limits to the number of users, switchboards and internal units. Commenting on delivery of the project, Steve Voss from Detection Security said, “The constant support from Comelit and Door Entry Direct made this a seamless installation and the ease of programming helped us save a lot of time.

Benefits of using Comelit’s Smartphone App

Users of Comelit’s ViP System can benefit greatly from a host of features that demonstrate just how advanced it is. These include being able to receive audio and video calls from the external unit directly on a smartphone or tablet via the Wi-­Fi network at home and by means of a 3G/4G data connection when away from home. It is also possible to control other functions with a smartphone or tablet, including viewing images from CCTV cameras and making intercom calls to other internal devices from anywhere in the world, thanks to Comelit’s ViP Remote application (available for download from ITunes and Google Play Store). Comelit ViP Remote services can, however, only be used if a gateway device and Wi-­Fi modem have been fitted.

Finally, using the ViP Remote app also allows for the integration of Comelit’s ViP system with third-­party Home Automation systems. This enables the control of services such as lighting, heating and air conditioning and serves to enhance the overall user experience.

Integration of Lifts and Access Control

Additional security features for the Hammers Lane residents include being able to send alarms or panic messages to the switchboard. An extra layer of security is also provided with management of the lifts – when entering the building, residents simply present their proximity token to the reader to gain access. Once in the building, a person presses a button to call the lift for the penthouse, a call will be placed in the penthouse on the video monitor serving as notification to the occupant that they have a visitor.

The main focus of the choice of system was to provide residents with a product that was easy to use and one that offered high levels of security coupled with the latest innovative features. Equally, the high expectations of the developers were also met as the system provides the ability for easy expansions and upgrades in the future, while keeping installation costs to a minimum.