PAC Secures Woonpartners Midden-Holland to Enhance Resident Security

16 November 2023

PAC Secures Woonpartners Midden-Holland to Enhance Resident Security

Woonpartners Midden-Holland is a leading housing corporation dedicated to offering residents a high quality of life and a decent quality of homes in the municipalities of Waddinxveen, Gouda, Zuidplas and Alphen aan den Rijn.

With a portfolio of over 7,400 homes, the organisation is committed to providing affordable and safe housing to people and building communities that thrive.

To ensure the enhanced security of its residents, an electronic access control system was sourced to effectively manage access permissions, and allow managers to monitor activity remotely and respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

Based on previous experience, the management support knew PAC’s system could make access to housing complexes more flexible, safer and more manageable, as Piet Ouwehand, PAC System Manager at Woonpartners Midden-Holland explains: “Social housing communities face unique challenges when considering security. More so for us when it came to access control as our properties range from historic buildings to modern apartment complexes. For each, we needed to ensure the safety of our residents.”

“Based on my experience of PAC, having used the system effectively at a previous housing corporation, I knew it to be a comprehensive and reliable security solution. The PAC system could also communicate with the door controllers of the residential complexes via GSM modems. This was not possible with other systems. The addition of the soundness of the hardware and the flexibility and user-friendliness of the software made it an easy choice for us to select PAC for Woonpartners Midden- Holland.”

The PAC system – supplied by Ankerslot from Enschede Nederland, Comelit-PAC’s security distribution partner – was installed to include approximately 500 doors and 6,000 keyholders, expanding every year with a number of residential complexes.

Peter Harkema, Ankerslot Sales Engineer added: “Working in partnership with Woonpartners and Comelit-PAC right from the specification phase, we were able to react fast and deliver an easy-to-install PAC solution. It was designed to use proven security technology to present an enhanced access control solution for residents and the management team across their property portfolio.”
The system was installed with minimal disruption to residents and allowed an instant move away from traditional keys that were posing a security risk once lost. This was especially helpful for the more elderly residents, to present easy-to-use identifiable credentials.

One of the further key benefits of the PAC system proved to be its flexibility, allowing Woonpartners Midden-Holland to customise permissions, especially useful if work is being carried out on-site and temporary access is required. For example, the system can be configured to grant temporary access to communal areas only during certain times of the day or week.

Says Rainer Sander, Sales Manager Integral Access Solutions at Comelit Group SpA Deutschland: “At Comelit-PAC, we are dedicated to providing effective and innovative security solutions for all types of properties, especially social housing. We understand the importance of keeping residents safe in local communities, and we are proud to have partnered here with Ankerslot to provide Woonpartners Midden-Holland with a comprehensive security system.”

“Through our working relationship as a team, Piet Ouwehand has established himself as a highly valued and reliable partner with extensive experience in PAC. He always has a positive attitude and is willing to help when issues arise that we can resolve quickly and effectively. We are thrilled with the success of the project and look forward to continuing our partnership for new and existing residents to benefit.”

Since implementing the PAC solution, Woonpartners Midden-Holland has seen a significant improvement in the security of its properties. The system has helped to reduce the risk of unauthorised access and given residents additional peace of mind security. The system has also reduced the administrative burden on Woonpartners Midden-Holland’s’ staff.

In summary, the PAC system supplied by Ankerslot, has been a valuable addition to Woonpartners Midden-Holland’ efforts to provide safe and affordable housing to its residents. The system’s advanced security features, flexibility, and scalability make it an ideal solution for social housing providers looking to improve the security of their properties.