Prodotto | 27 June 2019

Facial recognition, the brand new function for Wi-Fi connected monitors developed by Comelit.

We know well that with one look it is possible to unlock a phone, but what if we could also open the door?

Comelit exploits the potential of the Cloud and introduces the new function of facial recognition, an intuitive and useful way to manage access to your house through the video entry system. A new feature for the Wi-Fi connected monitor that makes everyday gestures simpler.

How does it work?

During each call, the external unit detects the face of whoever has rang the bell, a notification on the smartphone will signal the presence of someone at the door and will present the face detected. Just swipe on the face and add it to the face recognition name directory and from the next call the person will be able to use the function and is able to open the door with one look!  From the APP, like the monitor, it will be possible to add new users, enable or disable each of them and the recognition function itself.

The heart of the system?

Comelit Cloud service for face recognition. A service that is constantly renewed through new data, images, faces, in order to improve the feature and its accuracy. Thanks to the integrated service developed by Comelit, a few moments after the call from the door, the connected monitor sends the image of the face to the Cloud. By comparing the live image with the saved images, if the face has previously been saved and enabled, the service confirms the identity: at this point, the internal monitor rings and warns of the arrival of the known person. It is also possible receive a notification on the phone via the Comelit App, available for iOS and Android. The user can also set the automatic gate opening function – or others, such as switching on the path lights.

Here some thoughts of the expert Claudio Bonomi, Product Manager of the Comelit ViP family:

“The face recognition function is the latest news for the connected monitor developed by Comelit. We started with the consideration that today, with the face it is possible to unlock a phone and, thinking about our consumers, we wondered if, at the same time, we were able to also open the door of our houses. In order to do that, we focused on the infinite potential offered by the network and we have invested in new technologies to improve the Comelit Cloud and to support its integrated systems: in fact, the Cloud can be exploited to freely download the available software updates for the connected monitors. This way we are able to guarantee the best software available and to activate any new functions released. The Cloud, the monitor and the Comelit App, in the case of facial recognition, work together to simplify even the daily gestures like opening the door”

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