28 January 2016

St George and Comelit Partner to Secure North London Residential Development

Welwyn Garden City, UK, 29th October 2014. Comelit Group UK, a globally renowned manufacturer of door-­entry systems, has teamed up with award-­‐ winning developer, St George PLC, part of the Berkeley Group, to design and supply a door entry system for Beaufort Park. This thriving, mixed-­use development in North London consists of a selection of residential and commercial buildings and is part of a phased ten-­year construction project. The sprawling site required a system capable of operating over long distances while still being cost-effective to install. This requirement made Comelit’s leading 2-­wire Simplebus technology ideal for the project.

The brief from the developer was precise and exacting, with Comelit being tasked with delivering a reliable and robust solution for the extensive 25-­acre site, offering unparalleled audio and video performance. The development comprises 24 individual blocks, each with its own bespoke Stainless Steel Colour Video Digital entrance panel, integrated proximity reader and audio unit with a dedicated call button for two-­way communication with the central concierge. Utilising Cat5e cabling, each dwelling is linked to a central switchboard located in one of the buildings – with no additional twin cable needed to power the monitor.

Long-­Distance Connectivity

So far, a total of 1,466 apartments have been completed with various entry phones from Comelit’s range, including Genius, Planux and Planux Lux. While some of the distances from the entrance panel to the concierge exceed 800 metres, this challenge was overcome using 2-­wire technology, which enables long-­distance connectivity across the entire development when distributed across several building risers. Unlike polarised cables that have limited functionality, this non-­polarised alternative can be used in any direction, resulting in a solution that is flexible and offers installation cost-­savings of up to half that of a traditional system.

Simplebus operates with any type of cable: dedicated Comelit cable, shielded or un-­shielded, straight or twisted pair cable. This also makes it ideal for refurbishment work as it allows existing cables to be used without having to remove them or carry out masonry work to allow new conduits to be installed.

Flexibility in its range

As with all new housing developments nowadays, St George was also required to offer affordable housing alongside market-­priced housing in order to achieve more balanced communities, income levels and social mix. Comelit was therefore asked to supply a variety of internal monitors from its range to suit the differing specifications of each individual apartment. Comelit’s Genius monitor was used for the entry­level apartments, with Planux and Planux Lux for the higher-­end units, all of which work seamlessly on Simplebus and demonstrate Comelit’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and flexible range of monitors to suit all budgets.

Francesca Boeris, Comelit’s UK Sales Director, said, “Due to the simplicity of Simplebus, we were able to meet and exceed the requirements stipulated by St George. Specifically, we were able to supply a system that was robust, flexible and most importantly, allowed for a cost-­effective and easy installation.”


About Comelit

For more than half a century Comelit has been a leading global manufacturer of video and audio door-­entry systems, access control, video surveillance, telephones and telephone switchboards. Our systems are the most up-­to-­date in the industry and continue to evolve as technology moves forward.

We also offer the most comprehensive range of monitors, from standard monochrome up to the latest touchscreen 7’’ colour monitors, all of which are instantly recognisable by their sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing design. Our new range of 3-­One-­6 IP Entrance Panels recently won the Red Dot Design Award and is testament to our dedication to manufacturing excellence.

Comelit products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide through an extensive technical and sales network. Their quality is guaranteed by leading-­edge technological research and development, coupled with state-­of-­the-­art manufacturing facilities and purebred Italian design.


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