LOGIFIRE: the innovative, simple and functional fire alarm

Logifire, the new addressable fire protection range

The product of thirty years of experience in Research and Development in the field of fire detection systems, Logifire is a significant step forward for Comelit, where we constantly strive to remain close to our customers throughout the entire process leading to the creation of a new system. Assistance during the design and planning phase, on-site support, commissioning and configuration are just some of the services Comelit offers on a widespread scale throughout the area of competence.


64 Panels Network

The 64 Panels Network technology used in Logifire can be done with TCP/IP connection or RS485. In this last case, RS485 allows redundant connection between them, with a distance of 1 km between individual network components. Redundancy also guarantees correct operation and a normal stream of information, even if one of the two cables forming the control panel loop is cut off/shorted. The ideal solution for extensive systems with distributed control centres such as logistics, hospitals, airports.


Logifire series control panels can be interfaced using BUS native communication directly with Comelit EVAC control panels 49CCO002-49CCO004-49CCO006. A maximum of 5 control panels can be connected on the same link, for a total of 2500W over 30 Evac Zones. The integrated cause/effect matrix and activation logic make it possible to send Alarm or Evacuation messages to each zone, with the delays anticipated by the evacuation procedure, and to guarantee a safe and precise evacuation.

Standard EN 54-13

Standard EN54-13 specifies and certifies the requirements for compatibility and the options for connecting the components of a fire detection and alarm system. This is in order to guarantee system integrity and operation.
This highly important certification obtained by the Logifire range is also cited in the Fire Prevention Code, Chapter S.7.5 AFD Systems, as a compulsory requirement in order to consider the solution as compliant in terms of the correct design and planning, installation and operation of the fire detection system.


Digital BIM (Building Information Modelling) models for the entire Logifire range are available, containing all the most relevant technical information. The use of these models makes design and planning easier even in the most complex situations, and allows the development of a decidedly safer and more effective fire protection strategy.

Addressable control panels

Two versions with between 2 and 8 loops, with a large 7-inch colour touchscreen designed to guarantee a simple and instant interface. This ease of use contrasts with the great complexity of the internal control panel functions, structured and designed to respond promptly to every operative requirement.

Then there is its fundamental ability to integrate with the other sub-systems: the control panel communicates with the Comelit voice evacuation system, but also with the IP video door entry system. The system can also be integrated with third-party building management systems using MODBUS protocol, and with the Horus monitoring system: graphic software which integrates fire alarm, intruder alarm, video surveillance and video entry in a single platform to make the security manager’s job easier.


The Logifire range offers a broad selection of detection and signalling devices. The minimalistic style of these devices, in particular the detectors, is the result of combining an in-depth analysis of functional aspects with a return to pure architectural lines, while its compact and elegant design and the lack of obstructions in the air inlet zone optimises flow, thereby limiting turbulence and minimising the risk of false alarms. Likewise, the choice of a precise architectural language makes this new range a subtle element, intentionally camouflaged and therefore perfect for every environment, with the purpose of intelligent monitoring without attracting too much attention. A perfect blend of form and substance, then, built onto an audio-visual base which flashes and rings in the event of an alarm. The stylish and elegant design of the detectors has received several international awards.

All devices are backwards compatible with the Comelit ATENA range

LogiProg software

The new LogiProg software is a tool available to the installer for the configuration and management of the entire Comelit addressed range.
The simple and intuitive interface allows linear programming of the control panel parameters, such as the descriptions of the individual devices, zones, logics, timings and delays required during the system startup phase, even in OFF-LINE mode, so that the installer can pre-program the system without being directly connected to the control panel. Connection to the control panel takes place via mini USB cable or directly in TCP/IP mode.
The software can also be used to download a copy of the programming in EXCEL format, the control panel Event Log and the maintenance report, with a degree of contamination specified for each individual detector.

Comelit is at your side

Choosing the Logifire range means choosing innovative, yet simple and functional products, relying on a company such as Comelit – which supports its customers at every turn – to provide constant assistance throughout every phase of their work.

An example of this is the wide range of services available, including:
training and refresher courses at various branches throughout the world or online via webinars
advice during the design and planning phase for more complex systems
technical support by telephone and on site, with a fast response to queries and requests for information, plus on-site assistance

Trust in our professionals; you will be able to make full use of all the tailored services and benefits we offer you!