NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act Compliance

Our world is more connected than ever before

The business landscape worldwide is intricate, particularly as organizations and their operations become increasingly interconnected. A significant concern that our industry is currently facing is the actual and perceived danger of cyber-security and its potential far-reaching consequences for security and monitoring.

Comelit Group supports NDAA compliance across its product line and is dedicated to adhering to all governement and international trade regulations.

What is NDAA?

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act 2019 (NDAA) is a US federal statute that has been in effect since 2018.

Among its numerous provisions, Section 889 stands out as a pivotal clause that explicitly prohibits the procurement or use of particular telecommunications services, video surveillance equipment, and components manufactured by specific companies, within federal agencies and their contractors. This section aims to enhance national security and safeguard against potential cybersecurity threats that could arise from utilizing equipment or services that have ties to foreign entities or pose a risk to sensitive data.

In simpler terms, this means that federal agencies cannot use cameras made by any of the blacklisted companies.

Comelit’s role?

Comelit Group has ensured compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by using only components manufactured by approved vendors. The company adheres strictly to the NDAA standards with regards to the procurement and use of video surveillance equipment, ensuring that its products are not only high-quality but also compliant with the government’s regulations.

As a result, customers who purchase Comelit’s video surveillance equipment can rest assured that they are NDAA-compliant and meet the highest standards of security and reliability.

Cybersecurity is an ethical commitment for us