Corporate | 16 May 2017

Well done, Comelit UK!

Right in the centre of London, a stone’s throw from Tower Bridge, in the heart of the Financial District, the new UK branch offices of the Comelit Group Spa were recently inaugurated. “I am proud to announce the opening of this new space for our UK branch, that still maintains its headquarters a short distance from the city” – comments Marco Giugnetti, Foreign Sales Manager for the Group – “This is not your traditional style office, but a genuine multifunctional environment that consolidates Comelit’s presence in the United Kingdom and it does so in grand style. Starting with the choice of building: a fully renovated Victorian era construction that has, however, preserved that inimitable English red brick appearance. Even its location is strategic: it is, in fact, located right in the centre of London, next to the headquarters of the most important figures in international real estate”. The new space, designed with modern, elegant lines by the architectural firm Habits of Milan, as well as being the headquarters of Comelit UK’s sales offices, has become, more than anything, a figurehead place where visitors can get hands on experience of the Italian company’s products. “We have even included an experience room, inspired by the domotics house at our headquarters in Rovetta: it is a showroom specifically dedicated to our domotics and video surveillance ranges. We have created a space to present our unmistakeable Made in Italy live: the products with their elegant, minimalist and technologically innovative design offer an ever increasing possibility for comfort and user safety” comments Giugnetti. The presence of the Comelit Group on UK soil and, in particular, on London soil, is increasingly gaining strength as is clear from a number of important orders, starting with the restoration project of the imposing Battersea Power Station, entrusted to a consortium of Malaysian investors (Battersea Power Station Development Company), which will include Comelit video entry phones. Even market data confirms the British market’s appreciation of Comelit products. “The year that has just come to an end marked an excellent growth in our turnover and the outlook for 2017 is also encouraging, so much so, that we have decided to invest in this market, despite going against the grain compared to other companies after the Brexit result. The results achieved to date are on our side: it is still the video entry phone products that take the lion’s share, but in 2016 an honourable mention must go to the CCTV range, that produced excellent results. The turnout and enthusiasm shown by our clients invited to the two inauguration evenings at our new offices, which was a significant economic investment, is also a positive sign. For 2017, as well as continuing to follow along the paths already trodden, we also plan to launch our fire prevention range onto the British market. The United Kingdom will, therefore, become the first country out-with Italy where we will launch this range, encouraged by the trust shown in us to date”, concludes Giugnetti.