Comelit Vedo Full Radio anti-intrusion system.

No masonry work: quick, simple, safe. And in the event of an alarm, you will receive three sequential images of the event.

With the Comelit Vedo Full Radio, an efficient alarm setup can be installed without needing to route wires and carry out masonry work. Operation takes place entirely via radio, combining high performance, convenience and simplicity in the function control process.

The alarm is triggered: you will receive three sequential images via the Vedo Full Radio app. Wherever you are.

The Vedo Full Radio app allows you to receive three sequential images of the event that triggers the alarm. Plus, it has an extremely simple interface: it is therefore extremely easy to enable or disable the system, exclude specific zones or consult the events log.

The system still offers contact via MMS and email (transmission of 3 sequential images), SMS or telephone call.

Explore the Vedo Full Radio app

No work. But all the peace of mind that secure and efficient technology can offer.

Reliable technology

The system offers maximum security in the encrypted transmission of information and avoids unhelpful retransmission of the alert.

Batteries that last up to 5 years

The system allows use of the sensor ``wake up`` function, activating them only when the control panel is enabled, and thereby avoids running down the battery charge.

Faithful, high-quality images

Images are transmitted quickly, both in the event of an alarm and on request. Plus, all images can be saved.

Pet-Immunity: your pet will no longer be the unwitting cause of false alarms.

The sensors in the Vedo range effectively prevent the alarm being triggered accidentally by pets weighing up to 25 kilos.

The Vedo Full Radio range.

Products designed to get the most out of the wireless system.

All products are designed to offer easy usage and quick installation, and are the ideal solution for the most diverse requirements. From the control panel dedicated to the sensors, to the keypads and sirens.

Dedicated control panel

Controls up to 4 areas with 8 different programs.

Radio control and Panic buttons

Radio transmission remote control and panic button.

Alarm indicators

Indoor and outdoor sirens.

Magnetic contacts

Door and window contacts.

PIR camera

For visual checks with lighting.

Indoor volumetric sensors

With Pet-Immunity sensor.

Outdoor volumetric sensors

Stormproof and with light filter function.


Infrared barriers for doors and windows.

Smoke and heat detector

Wireless coverage of 500 m in open spaces.

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