Comelit home automation: climate control

Your home will detect the temperature before you do.

Customised heating or cooling of the rooms in your home or workplace is now – more than ever – an important consideration when it comes to quality of life. You must then bear in mind that climate control is often the most costly energy load. The Comelit home automation function for climate control used to conveniently and selectively manage activation and deactivation, in perfect harmony with the requirements of the people inhabiting the space.

Quick displaying of recorded and set temperature values in each individual room.

Automatic mode for scheduling activations at different times, every day of the week.

Countdown mode for achieving the ideal climate after an extended absence or to force a desired temperature in the event of non-programmed situations.

Displaying of the daily graphic for the set scheduling.

Reading and setting of the temperature, with precision to tenths of a degree.

Easy and intuitive temperature programming, with a table summarising the settings.

Option of setting a scenario with a different temperature for each of the controlled zones.

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