The only multi-power device: a universe in a single object.

Rolling shutter switch, thermostat, lighting switch, lighting dimmer, RGB dimmer, door and gate automation.
Configuration of up to 4 scenarios, all in a single home automation plate.
All in ONE.

Countless individual controls. All in One.

One is the device revolutionising the world of home automation management.
Patent Pending. The only non-specialist multi-purpose cover plate capable of diversifying over time. A single touch-sensitive point of control with a multi-page system manages lights, climate control, automations and scenarios. Minimal design with various colour finishes. Greater security, greater wellbeing, greater peace-of-mind: the first product designed to offer so much.

comelit home automation one pure simplicity

Simplicity in its purest form.

The Comelit One home automation plate features a clean and simple design, without any unnecessary details.

Its shiny surface is made using transparent scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Sleek shape with smooth corners. The chrome-plated trim reflects the finish of the wall and makes the unit seem thinner, as it almost melts into the wall on which it is mounted.

An ultra-thin minimalist shape, researched down to the very last millimetre, encases complex technology. With One, your wall is a thing of beauty.

You are the One.

The Comelit One home automation plate adapts to suit your style.
Each LED can be customised with a different colour, to distinguish commands, screens or functions.

In the feedback function, they change colour when a command has been executed: to indicate a light has been switched on, a shutter moved, etc.
With the ECO function, energy saving comes into play: if it is activated, the LEDs switch off after 10 seconds of inactivity.

The light intensity of the LEDs automatically adjusts on the basis of the light level detected in the room: to be visible in a very bright room and to avoid causing disturbance in softer ambient lighting, for example in bedrooms.

comelit home automation you are one
comelit home automation one visual

The point of colour tailored to suit you.

Alternating bursts of various colours create a modern texture with a strong identity. The special mesh structure gives One an exclusive and hi-tech appearance.
Shades chosen for their ability to adapt to the materials and styles used in modern architecture.



With ONE, everything is under control:

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Climate control Explore the function