“Galleria Borbonica”, Naples

14 November 2016

“Galleria Borbonica”, Naples

Among the most exciting routes of  “Napoli sotterranea” – a real city built in the underground, to almost 50 meters deep, there’s the “Galleria Borbonica”, an underground route built, since 1853, by Ferdinand II Bourbon as a work for military defence. It connected the Royal Palace and “Vittoria Square”.

The “Galleria Borbonica” was used by Neapolitan during the Second World War as a bomb shelter. Then it was used as a deposit of statues, vintage cars and vintage motorcycle….

At the origins of the choice of Comelit’s technology

The innovative Comelit home automation systems was chosen by Dabster Technology Srl, the company that installed the electrical system in the “Galleria Borbonica”. Comelit home automation systems make the “Galleria Borbonica” alive and dynamic, creating in the visitors the suggestion of a real time travel.

Simply using a smartphone or tablet the tourist guides activate ever-changing scenes, with interplays of lights and colours and high impact scenic effects that bring to life the spaces, starting with the body of water installed in the great underground cistern tank.

Vincenzo Sinagro, Comelit Sales manager, says: “Can be protagonists of this show with Comelit’s technology is a great pleasure”. “The choice made by Dabster Technology Srl was born, as well as from a partnership relation with Comelit developed in these years, also from the appreciation of Comelit’s features of quality, semplicity, versatility and reliability of our home automation systems”.

The partnership between Comelit and Dabster Technology

The partnership between Comelit and Dabster Technology is a long relationship of close cooperation. Gennaro Micallo, at the head of Dabster Technology Srl says: “We were the first in Italy to install an Icona Manager system manager. We have collaborated with Comelit on some innovative projects, related to the home automation system“. “At the base of our success there is the passion for our job. We have found out in Comelit team the same vision and the same values. We are happy to support our customers with Comelit’s help into a global project because one of Comelit’s strength is the integration between all the systems“.

Cutting-edge technology and retro design into electric system

The integration between Comelit and Dabster has its heart in home automation systems. Marco Micallo, member of Dabster Technology tells: “For the Association chaired by Gianluca Minin, that has developed the project of enhancement of “Galleria Borbonica”, we have already done the whole electric system, blending the more advanced plant engineering technology with a set of aesthetic solutions. The aim of this solutions is to recreate an ancient atmosphere. All the connections of the system, the switches and the lights were made in order to riproduce the image of a contemporary system to the building of the gallery. The satisfaction for the achieved results and the confidential relationship that binds us to the president of the Association, had led us to offer him an evolution of the project, with the introduction of home automation systems in the service of management of led RGB lights, with possibility of a colour change and of dimming in the intensity”. 

Comelit Web home automation system Server

Web home automation system Server is the focus of this development. It allows the local and remote management of the home automation system, directly  from an internet browser, by tablet or smartphone. It is especially possibile managing lights, loads, roller shutters, climate control, anti-intrusion setting weekly timers, scenarios or logic rules that act also on inputs and outputs of automation and anti-intrusion system.

It’s a really flexible device, whose configuration is directly imported from programming software through SD card. Moreover, it’s also esay and intuitive to use thanks to the graphical interface, in harmony with the interface of Comelit home automation supervisors.

Module allowing the SimpleHome BUS to interface with the DALI BUS or DMX BUS, sending commands for activation or deactivation of groups of lamps connected to the DALI or DMX systems, in addition to a set of modules with 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs, with 5 inputs and 4 ouputs and with 9 inputs and 8 ouputs and to a 300W dimmer module with 1 output.

New developments?

Marco Micallo explains: “The system offers in total 60 lighting points to manage and 16 outputs, that allows to switch the various zones on or off, to modular the intensity of the lights and change their colours”.

Marco Micallo concludes: “With Comelit home automation systems open up different ways: it’s the case of the audio management. And, being familiar with the president of the Association “Galleria Borbonica” we believe that the audio management may be a further aim of the project to develop“.