30 August 2016

The innovative urban mobility system of Reggio Calabria

Comelit video surveillance plays a major role in an innovative project in Reggio Calabria, where it is used alongside products from our new fire protection range.
This is the modern urban mobility system that connects the seafront in Reggio Calabria with the upper part of the city: the distance covered currently stands approximately 450 metres with an average gradient of 11%.
“For the first section of moving walkways, which was started in 2010, Comelit supplied the entire video surveillance system with fixed and PTZ cameras for continuous monitoring of the walkway sections – confirms Stefano De Vito, Technical Area Manager of Comelit Group SpA – The CCTV system was created using IP technology cameras with very high resolution (3 Megapixel) with Smartfocus automatic focussing and high quality imaging. This system can be easily integrated at software level with the pre-existing analogue video surveillance system, so that it can use the hardware already installed in the control room.
The system of moving walkways is currently being extended to reach the highest parts of the city. “Comelit has just been awarded the contract to supply the products for this next phase – adds De Vito – In addition to completing the video surveillance system, Comelit will also supply the fire protection system, which was launched on the market just over a year ago”.
Comelit’s new fire detection and signalling system offers a complete range of solutions to cover all requirements in the field of fire protection, with control panels, heat and smoke detectors of both spot and linear type, manual alarm devices, audible and visual alarm signals and system accessories.
“For this project, the Atena addressed control panel was selected due to its ability to identify the precise point at which the alarm was generated, even in extensive systems with large numbers of detectors. This allows a prompt response on high-traffic sections,such as the moving walkways during the summer season – explains De Vito – Furthermore, the fact that the detection lines are closed loops offers significant advantages for both maintenance and safety. Each loop communicates autonomously with the control panel via a digital protocol, sending information used for system management; this autonomy enables the system to continue to function even in the event of a fault. Among the accessories supplied for the moving walkway project were 14 multi-criteria detectors, 8 manual alarm buttons, 11 day/night LED indicators and 2 sirens, all of which were Comelit products”.