13 January 2022

The new addition to Comelit’s video surveillance, with the JVSG software

There is novelty that enriches the entire video surveillance family of Comelit: we’re talking about the important addition of the design software JVSG.

The parameters of the IP ad AHD cameras of the SMART and ADVANCE series of Comelit are now included in the software, whose online instruments allow a professional to find the best positions for the cameras collocated in an area and to measure angles and field of views with precision; to calculate the focal length of objectives in just a few seconds; to obtain an estimate of the baseband width required by video IP systems with an unlimited number of net cameras and video servers; to calculate the necessary amount of space for the hard disk; to memorize data, create video archives and much more.

Practically speaking, it’s possible to obtain a visual representation (available in 3D too) of the camera’s frame from different positions and with different lenses. All this in an easy and functional way and with precise calculations.

As Giovanni Di Cairano (Comelit’s Technical Product Manager and Market Researcher CCTV System) states in the press release: “With the introduction of a highly professional range of products such as the Advance series, it was necessary to provide useful instruments to support our designers, contractors and system integrators, to make the design of more complex video surveillance systems easier and more practical.”

The JVSG software with integrated Comelit’s cameras allows professionals to calculate the focal length of the objective, the visual angles, the pixel density and allows to verify the DORI areas too.”

Thanks to this last addition, it is now possible to use the online Lens Calculator tool with Comelit camera parameters for free.

For more information about cameras compatible with JVSG software and to design articulated systems, visit the JVSG website.

This novelty is another step forward that reflects Comelit’s attitude, which is characterized by a constant effort to get in touch with the client in every context, to offer him the best possible solution and to help him grow professionally. This is translated in what became the company’s motto: With You Always.